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Nigerian Fashion Brand Badeseré is Making a Strong Case For African Fabrics With its New Collection Dubbed “Orixa”

Posted On : August 24, 2022

Oscar Alochi


The current “Orixa” collection by Badesere, the eponymous fashion label from Nigeria, has been released. The ankara cloth is the centerpiece of the collection, which bears the name of a Yoruba goddess from southwest Nigeria.

A sparkling selection of pret-a-porter items are available at Orixa, including slacks with sheer details, sheer shirts, and matching tank tops.

“The collection was inspired by the awakening of consciousness, the love of self, and the entire acceptance of my Africanism,” says creative director Badesere. Our traditions and our gods had previously been taught to be unfriendly and barbaric, but in reality they are full of life and lessons.

The Ankara signifies our identity as Africans, while the sheer represents our means of subsistence in the riverine area of Lagos, which is our fishing net.

Designer/styling: @badeserelagos 
Photography: @sammiephotomagic
Model: @pa3lo.pa3lo
Publicist: @moafricapragency

Content courtesy of Badesere Lagos & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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