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One Side

Posted On : January 25, 2018

Linda Wairegi


It’s a savage world out there.

Let all toothpicks stand together. Teletubbies opposite them.

Facebook threads can be funny yet savage. Look for Mzansi Savage.

Stella is working a hard-ass job in the hospitality industry. By the time, she’s reaching Kahawa Wendani, her dusty sandals are gathering dust. Furthermore, her hair loosely sticks to her face & it ain’t sexy.

Stella just wants to close her eyes & soak in a sweet-scented bubbly bathtub.

Dreaming of a tall, dark & handsome stranger that can sweep her off her feet.

Indeed, she’s tired of these boys that promise the world but always fall short. Therefore, they love throwing words that melt any lady but never really catch her.

Hustling in the 254 is hard.

Stella dreams of bigger things for her life. She wants out of her current grind.

She wants that weave sunrays just hits right. It never looks off or overwhelming. Sleek, shiny and voluminous. Never ending curls that almost seem to sweep the floor.

It makes men forget their names. Surely, they also forget how to talk.

One day, Stella will have her own crowning glory. She’ll flick her mossy mane right to left and left to right whenever she’s eyeing someone secretly.

I will move up in this life and I don’t care how Stella tells herself.

What don’t I have that others do? I was made for the finer things in life… She completes her own pep talk.

Hence, she became a waitress to hob-nob with the who’s who &  elevate herself.

It’s easy bumping into high-level executives, on a break and just relaxing before their entourage arrives. Likewise, they usually have a simple but classy leather laptop bag.

Suits never wear them. Always well-fitted and never in gaudy colours. They fit them just right.

Stella works chini ya maji and she can’t come across too forward. She still needs this job. Last time, she checked Alex can’t really support the way she wants to live.

She’s extra friendly whenever she’s serving expats. Notably, giving them extra information about cool places to visit in Nairobi or dishes that just melt in your mouth.

As she collects her check presenter from an empty table. She always finds 500 bob or Ksh 1000. Of course, the cash feels amazing under her short black manicured nails.

Sometimes, she gets tempted to inhale the bill because it helps her imagine when her life will be flooded with cold hard cash.

One day, Stella met Tim.

Unsurprisingly, Tim pretended not to see her.

Life was never the same again.


Linda Wairegi

Creative writer interested in life & being happy 😉

Linda Wairegi

Creative writer interested in life & being happy ;)


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