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Palesa Mahlaba

Posted On : March 23, 2020

Fashion Police


Palesa Mahlaba, Stylist and Fashion Consultant ,She always looks like a million bucks, and fashion is her passion. Palesa Mahlaba is the former fashion editor of True Love magazine and is now finishing off a diploma in PR, so she can take the fashion PR industry in style. Palesa chose the Symbol Jewellery and Midi-Ring trend, which she loves. “It’s a way of expressing yourself through your accessories.

I am obsessed with the midi-rings and now have an excuse to stack up on them. Plus they keep my nails looking good!” “Have fun with your jewellery, it is a fabulous way to show your personal style!”



She has massive followers on her Instagram 82,000 plus, and on YouTube her account  is dormant no subscribers at the moment more of her work are available on her blog Simply Palesa Edit

Content courtesy of Moss Onyi & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team

Fashion Police


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