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Nairobi, Kenya

Penny Winter

Posted On : January 10, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Founded in 1997 by Irish designer Penny Winter, the brand’s handcrafted jewellery, made from ethically sourced, re purposed Ankole cow horn, brass, and other raw materials from Africa, is considered one of Kenya’s first sources of African accessories.

Winter started her career at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the English National Opera in London after her studies at the London College of Fashion, where she specialized in period costumes for plays.

After travelling to Kenya on a backpacking adventure she fell in love with the country, making it her permanent home in 1997.

An adventurer and explorer, Winter’s travels provide the perfect opportunity for sourcing interesting materials – whether it’s the downtown backstreets and alleyways of Nairobi, the ruby mines of Voi, the metalworks of Suswa, or the island of Lamu, Winter always takes away something that can later be seen in her designs.

With a designer’s eye, she handpicks uncut stones from genuine stone merchants – sapphires, rubies, tourmaline and opal – and turns it into unique pieces of art. Penny Winter has been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Condé Nast Traveler, and has stockists both locally and abroad.

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Oscar Alochi


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