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Pulse Influencer Awards 2023 Nominations Are Now Open

Posted On : August 3, 2023

Oscar Alochi


The public can now submit nominations for Africa’s top influencer award program, the Pulse Influencer Awards 2023. This is the third iteration of the renowned prize, which has as its theme “The Golden Era – Bold & Elegant.”

These awards, developed by the media business Pulse Live, honor individuals from Africa who have made significant contributions to digital creativity, innovation, and community building. These honors are given to people who successfully use social media to communicate information, spread value, and build active online communities.
There will be some substantial changes to the Pulse Influencer Awards in 2023. In order to emphasize the key spheres of influence, the categories have been condensed from 29 to 24.
The award has also debuted the intriguing new award category “Next Gen Influencer of the Year.”

This category honors the work of up-and-coming digital artists.
The Pulse Influencer Awards 2023 will take place concurrently in each of the six Pulse markets, just like they did the year before.
Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Côte d’Ivoire are among them.
Before the deadline of August 6, 2023, fans can submit their preferred influencers on the official Pulse Live website.

Timelines for the Pulse Influencer Awards in 2023
After the nominations are revealed, the online voting phase starts on September 5, 2023.
The public vote is still of the utmost importance to this procedure even though there is a seven-member jury made up of various specialists in the field of digital. A gala ceremony slated on October 7, 2023, will present the prizes to the victors.
The Pulse Influencer Awards have always been about recognizing influencers’ dedication to their craft, said Judysheila Mugo, Director of Content at Pulse Kenya.
Pulse, she continued, acts as a link between influencers and the many brands that work with them. As a result, winners find the yearly award to be much more satisfying.

864,768 votes were cast in the Pulse Influencer Awards last year, a record number that highlights how vibrant the Kenyan digital community is.
Just Ivy, Dennis Ombachi, Murugi Munyi, and Nikita Kering are a few of the notable winners from the prior competition.
Pulse Kenya predicts an even larger celebration for the 2018 event, with more audience participation, influencer participation, and partnerships with well-known brands. The Pulse Influencer Awards in 2023 are expected to be a lavish event with glitz, delicious food and drinks, outstanding content creation, and unmatched networking opportunities.

About the Pulse Influencer Awards
The Pulse Influencer Awards were created to honor and celebrate rising stars in the African influencer scene who are creating vibrant, engaged communities around their specialty or skill.

Like the rest of the world, the African media landscape is evolving swiftly. The importance of influencers in bringing about this transition cannot be overstated because digital media has become the new mainstream. This initiative’s main goals are to involve influencer networks, showcase the most reliable and influential artists, and eventually support the expansion of digital media in Africa.
The Pulse Influencer Awards are anticipated to greatly increase social media engagement, reach, and interest in all of the participating nations.

Content courtesy of  Pulse Influencer Awards & NFH Digital Team

Oscar Alochi


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