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Rock and Stones, a Handmade in Africa Collection for Conservation

Posted On : April 19, 2022

Oscar Alochi


Rock and Stones Ltd was founded in 2009, inspired by the vibrant contemporary fabrics made across the African continent, which represent the intriguing history of the Swahili trading empire and its ties to West Africa, India, Arabia, Europe, and the Americas in their designs.
Kanga is our favorite cloth, This popular fabric features bold designs in vibrant colors, as well as a Swahili inscription on the Kanga.

The fabrics’ designs range from post-modern abstractions to conventional paisleys, and show subjects as diverse as political and religious figures, architecture, cuisine, animals, plants, plumbing, forms of transportation, and complicated patterns, Proverbs, aphorisms, insults, and blessings are among the Swahili inscriptions found on the Kanga.

Wherever Swahili is spoken, such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Mozambique, the Congo, and elsewhere, Kanga and Kitenge are worn as garments to wrap around oneself.

The Kanga, which is as popular as a t-shirt in the United States but has a far greater cultural value, is still evolving. It is a valuable medium for personal political, social, and religious expression, similar to the T-shirt but incomparably more exquisite and functional.

The Kanga has become an intrinsic element of East African culture as both an art form and a beautiful, practical clothing.

Our firm supports the local communities that make our garments with such care, and we plan to open our own training workshop soon to teach life skills and market access to men and women who want to work with Rock & Stones.

Content courtesy of Rock and Stones Ltd  & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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