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Rolonda Rochelle 53 Years Old Who Has proven That Age is Just a Number for Beauty

Posted On : November 25, 2021

Oscar Alochi


Rolonda Rochelle is an African-American, based in Atlanta, United States of America. She is a brand ambassador and pro-aging advocate and a licensed real estate sales agent at Palmerhouse Properties, a full-service Atlanta-based residential and commercial real estate brokerage.

Rolanda’s real name is Rolanda Wright. We know very little about her family. Rolonda posted a photo on IG where she wished her dad Father’s Day.

A picture was also included, showing her father looking like Richard Roundtree. But, he was not mentioned.

According to some sources, Rolonda is currently living in Decatur Georgia. Her hometown was Atlanta, Georgia.

She might not be as famous as Nicki Minaj or Beyonce or Cardi B but her striking beauty and youthful looks hideout the fact that she is 53 years old. Rolanda Rochelle is an African American living in the United States of America.

Rolanda is a realtor, brand influencer, lifestyle and travel blogger, and a pro-aging advocate who chose to live a single life with many people imagining that she got a husband but her youthful looks and elegance come from a no husband relationship, meaning she got no stressing in her life. She recently teased her fans on tick-tock about her imaginary husband with many not getting how such a beautiful and youthful-looking 53 years Rolanda lives without having a man in her life.

Height, Diet, Distinct Features

Rolonda Rochelle is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her distinctive features are her dark brown eyes and grey hair. And of course, her wide smile.

Rolonda, even though she was older than 50 years old, was still active and healthy. Her healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of nuts is the key to her fitness. However, she does enjoy a good glass of wine.

Social Media Reach: Instagram. Facebook. Twitter

Rolonda was a huge social media presence as of February 2021. She was active on all major social media platforms. She had 277k Instagram followers. Similar to her Instagram page, she had 13k followers and 14k likes.

On her Instagram handle going by the name Rogirll, she shows off her beauty and proves the phrase ‘Black doesn’t crack’ fully embellishing itself in her.

Rolonda Rochelle Net Worth, Movies, Realtor

Rolonda is most well-known for her appearance on the comedy skits of Kountry. She also had her own career. Rolonda was an Atlanta realtor. She was a luxury agent in real estate.

On her Facebook page, she listed her professional information as an actress and pro-aging advocate. She was mostly known for her Instagram videos with Kountry Wayne. She didn’t have any movie credits. We don’t know what brand she was a brand ambassador.

Rolonda was a strong pro-aging advocate. Rolonda is openly accepting her age. She’s a social media celebrity who inspires others to embrace their own age without being embarrassed.

She was also a CASA volunteer. CASA volunteers are legal volunteers that are trained to fight for the rights of neglected and abandoned children.

Our sources indicate that the average base income for an Atlanta realtor was more than $76 000 per year.

Rolonda must earn around this amount, give or take. Her net worth was $800 million as of February 2021.

Rolonda Rochelle Husband, Daughter, Married

Rolonda revealed in an Instagram post that she was still single with no husband. She also shared that she has a grown-up son.

Rolonda’s video showed her talking with an imaginary husband, only to discover later that she wasn’t married and didn’t have a husband.

Rolonda also posted an Instagram photo with her daughter in which Rolonda was out protesting injustice and equality for black women.

Rolonda is most well-known for her role in Kountry’s cougar girlfriend, which she did in many of his skits.

Kountry is a comedian on social media. He posts short, funny videos to Instagram.

Kountry’s videos tend to be about everyday things, such as relationships and children.

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