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Roshanara Ebrahim

Posted On : April 8, 2019

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Roshanara Ebrahim is a Kenyan television personality, model, former beauty pageant and Law graduate. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, she began her career as a model at the age of 6.

She was crowned Miss Nairobi County 2016 and Miss World Kenya 2016. She is an ambassador for Rootia Haircare brand

Miss World Kenya 2016
Roshanara Ebrahim was crowned Miss World Kenya in 2016, but has been stripped of her title following a series of controversies. She was replaced by Evelyn Njambi the at that time reigning ‘Miss Kiambu’.

After losing her crown, Roshanara was embroiled in a lawsuit after her ex-boyfriend Frank Zahlten leaked her nude photos online, culminating in her being ‘dethroned’ of the Miss Kenya title. Following this, Roshanara sued her ex-boyfriend and the Miss Kenya organizer Ashleys Kenya.

A high court ruling delivered on December 7, 2016, ruled in favour of Roshanara, concluding that non consensual circulation of intimate images was a gross human rights issue, and that it breached the right to one’s privacy under Article 31 (c) of Kenya’s Constitution.

The third respondent, Frank Zahlten  Roshanara’s ex-boyfriend, was required to pay the petitioner Miss Kenya $10,000 in damages, for breach of her right to privacy.

TV host
After the Standard Group announced her employment on one of their shows, Roshanara was a co-host alongside Sara Ndanu, who has been holding down the fort since its inception. An announcement was made on October 22, 2016, that she will be joining The Skin Therapy Show on KTN Home

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