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Shiyenze Kenya Fashion Brand

Posted On : January 29, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Shiyenze is a Kenyan fashion brand based in Nairobi. This unique and exquisite fashion brand was founded by Shiyenze Khasoha; a Kenyan entrepreneur and belle of the fashion world. Our Brand was started in 2013, this fashion line has enchanted the studious hearts of overwhelming numbers around the country. It is richly African, genuinely inspired and the pinnacle of excellent design. Shiyenze fashion line is bent on leading the way in creative story telling, through the much celebrated and steeply beloved modes of excellent dressing or attire.
The beautiful name ‘Shiyenze’ has its origin in the Luyha language of a special Kenyan tribe and connotes adorable, appreciated or attractive to people. Such is the heart of the brand and we go to great stakes to ensure that each of our design carries an expression or feeling as it maintains its unique cultural attribute. Mkhana, Mrembo and Binti form part of our classic collection and stand out with vitality and verve.

Shiyenze has two collections a year. Our heartfelt inspiration for each collection is drawn from Africa’s rich cultural lifestyles. The collections integrate African prints, silks, cotton and linens to create collections with exceptional global appeal. Our vision is to be a leading fashion hub globally.

Content Courtesy Of Nairobi Fashion Hub & Shiyenze Brand

Ann Mumbi

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