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Size 8 Reborn New Song Utawale Ft Papa Fred Ngamwaya ( Official Video )

Posted On : October 26, 2021

Oscar Alochi


Gospel singer Size 8 Reborn has released a new jam titled Utawale featuring Papa Freddie Ngamwaya alias Terrence Creative.

The song that was produced by Teddy B was released on Monday, October 25.
In the gospel song Size 8 Reborn, the real name Linet Munyali explains and shows how doing shady activities and indulging in illegal dealings could destroy someone.

“There is a way that seems right to man, but the end brings destruction. Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and the rest shall be added to you.”

Papa Freddie Ngamwaya, born Lawrence Macharia, has been creatively showcasing the wash wash business, which is slang for fake money and laundering.

The comedian has assumed the role of an elusive businessman and is there to help her get rich quickly.

Size 8 Reborn gets wind of the easiest way to get rich and indulges in the illegal business, something that makes her get arrested.

“Having been pronounced not guilty and released from prison, Size 8 Reborn then starts a ministry and the church grew and excelled,” as depicted in the song’s video.


Size 8 Reborn fans flooded the comments section of the song with praise, the song comes 3 months after she was featured by Willy Paul in his song Lenga.

In the video, the two converse on why Willy Paul left the gospel music industry.

Willy Paul complained that when he called the artiste, she would give her husband Sammy Muraya aka Dj Mo the phone.

Size 8 Reborn is heard advising Willy Paul to quit his ways and go back to God, Terrence Creative has been releasing a thrilling series titled Wash wash business in parts. C

The film which is is in part 3 has been released five days ago, The Ngamwaya phrase originator poses as an extravagant Congolese in the series, with gold jewelry and accessories.

Oscar Alochi


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