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Slay Queen Getting Married

The big day is around the corner. 

Haters never believed that this day would come but you always knew. Other upcoming slayers tried snatching him from you but you beat them at their own game.

No-one owes you anything & you need to take what’s yours.

I mean you gave his female besties old invitations with the wrong venue. However, you’d chosen Safari Park Hotel earlier before you decided that Marula Manor felt more exclusive and an old money move. They kept dropping those veiled comments about how he almost chose them since they’ve known him forever when he started from the bottom. Frankly, you don’t give a damn since that train has passed so they need to keep their opinions to themselves.

First of all, get a wedding planner is a necessity. I mean if you did it all, you’d have bald hair patches, broken nails & possibly an acne breakout. Stay away from the idea that the close family members & friends will create an executive committee to oversee it all.

Definitely, your frenemies can’t be getting texts expecting them to chip in 5k towards your wedding. I know they can afford it but I don’t want to be the laughing-stock at Karen Country Club.

So hold your head high. I can’t stand the idea of a wobbly strawberry jelly as a dessert. Or a wedding cake be dense & sugary like cake found on a shelf instead of light, airy & melting in your mouth with a hint of citrus. Also, lets not talk about horrendous colour schemes like orange, green & pink. I can’t have an unfashionable social faux pas. 

Definitely, I need to pick my own your own dress and without mother-in-law dictating anything. Indeed, I mean she had her moment walking down the aisle passed so now it’s your turn to do what floats your boat. So two options a) buy it or b) or get it custom-made.

Depending on the time you have, this will help you decide between both. Getting one made for you is an amazing idea. It’ll be unique. Everyone will love it and it’ll be unique. With a designer that loves taking risks then they won’t think hesitate about a low-lying back or high thigh slit at the front. With buying, you can check in high-end shops or you can fly out and get own abroad.

Get bridesmaids that look good in the line-up. Just visualize how the pictures will turn out and this will help weed out the non-photogenic ones. I know it sounds harsh. Those pictures will be circulated on social media plus they’ll turn into memories. Hire a kick-ass make-up artist to make sure that everyone is on point.Give classy wigs to ladies that are failing in the natural hair movement or have questionable hair.

Give him minimal duties. Let’s’ be honest wedding days are usually about the women.  

Don’t invite exes to the wedding. It doesn’t matter if they dated decades ago. It’ll minimize the risk of drama. You never know when someone might decide to drink themselves silly & make a scene because they remembered when your fiance promised to love her forever.

Ignore your future mother-in-law if she’s giving you a hard time & you plan on marrying him regardless of her opinion. Grow a tough skin and do what needs to be done. It’s not easy standing for your what you believe in.

If anyone brings up anything to do with prenuptial agreement. Definitely kill that vibe. You didn’t come this far for nothing.

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