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Sonia Mugabo Founder and Creative Designer Sonia Mugabo

Posted On : July 13, 2018

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Sonia Mugabo is an eponymous Rwandan fashion brand that was established in 2013. After interning at Teen Vogue in New York, the designer returned to her home country to launch her label.

Realizing the potential to grow in Rwanda’s creative space and also the desire to work with local artisans were the driving factors behind her move back, and with her designs, Mugabo works towards opening the doors for other Rwandan designers, as well as shining a spotlight on the talent within the country.

Mugabo is part of a growing number of young Rwandans who have returned home as a member of the country’s first post-war generation, and the designer plays to a new, upwardly mobile clientele with her designs. “Rwanda’s economy is becoming stable,” she said, speaking to Forbes. “People can afford luxury goods.

Ten years ago there were other things they had to focus on. Now, they have jobs, they want to look good.”

Content Courtesy Of Sonia Mugabo & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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