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Stories Of Our Lives Film Official HD Trailer

Posted On : September 5, 2014

Oscar Alochi


Stories of Our Lives is a Kenyan film, released in 2014. Created by the members of The Nest Collective, a Nairobi-based arts collective, the film is an anthology of five short films dramatizing true stories of LGBT life in Kenya.

The five vignettes that make up the film are as follows:

Ask Me Nicely
Kate—a rebellious young high school student—encounters Faith, a fellow student in the school corridors. They begin a secret relationship, until the school principal takes action to separate the two by suspending Kate from the school. While away from the school, Kate impulsively has a sexual encounter with a boy in her neighborhood. Upon her return, Kate tells Faith about the encounter with the boy. This annoys Faith, leading to an end of their relationship.


After negotiating a business deal with a disc duplicator, Patrick stumbles upon a local gay bar while walking with his best friend, Kama. Kama expresses negative sentiments about the bar as they walk past it. Patrick later returns to the club for a night out, hoping no one will find out. Kama spots Patrick leaving the bar, and they have a violent confrontation about it. Patrick runs away to escape the fight.

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Oscar Alochi


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