Friday 24th of May 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

The Nike Air Max 90 “Green Duck Camo” Releases Tomorrow 15th May 2020

Though 2020 is now, for all intents and purposes, cancelled, a few of the annual Nike events were able to slip in right before things really took a turn for the worst.

Among an eventful All-Star Weekend and noteworthy collaborative releases, the brand was also able to kick off Air Max Day with little to no interruptions, bringing out striking takes of the Air Max 90 including one that used the ever-iconic “Duck Camo” pattern.

Effectively a sequel to that exact pair, the “Green Duck Camo” takes the familiar and filters it through new palettes. The bright, Volt-like “Ghost Green” shade covers every under in place of the aforementioned’s Infrared, while the overlays skew the camouflage to a range of earth tones and desert-like styling.

The NIKE AIR MAX 90 in Ghost Green and Duck Camo is a camouflage option that wants to be seen…

The whole idea of camouflage is going undetected, but there’s little chance of that with this forthcoming colourway, which expertly blends textured Duck Camo panels with electrifying pops of Ghost Green mesh. The shoe comes with three sets of laces, allowing the wearer to easily transform its look and vibe whenever suits. It may also be a nice consolation prize for anybody who missed out on the Reverse Duck Camo earlier this year.

Grab one more look at these right here, and if you’re planning on copping a set for yourself, then be sure to tune into our Ghost Green Air Max 90 Store List.

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