Friday 24th of March 2023

Nairobi, Kenya

Vivo Woman

Vivo woman was founded in 2011, and is a proudly Kenyan-owned clothing brand which is designed to make women look and feel great. Vivo tapped into the need of ready-to-wear clothes that were affordable when Kenyan women had very few options to choose from.

“At Vivo, we pride ourselves in having 90% of the products we make, made in Kenya and we’re 100% dedicated to inspiring confidence in women no matter what size or shape they are! “

From a fitness wear clothing line to one of Kenya’s leading women’s clothing brand, Vivo has tapped into the need of ready-to-wear clothes that are affordable and offer a great sense of style and comfort.

With 90% of products made in Kenya, our clothes are designed to make you look and feel great as well as inspire a great deal in confidence in you no matter what size or shape you are.

The brand is known for its bright, versatile, colourful and edgy styles.  Vivo clothes appeal across the board, and in particular to anyone who enjoys style and is young at heart.

Vivo’s mission is to empower and inspire women, changing the way they see themselves through fashion,Vivo, which means “alive”, invites all women to thrive in their bodies.

Shifting away from Western centric fashion industry norms, Vivo puts African women’s clothing needs and tastes first with versatile fabrics and fits, while remaining globally accommodating.
Vivo customers can find casual, smart casual and activewear attire that reflects regional and community trends.

Content courtesy of Vivo Woman

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