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Teaser Hoochie Dressing Is Not Appropriate for African American Women!

Posted On : September 5, 2022

Oscar Alochi


Let me start by stating that anyone has the sociological (not legal) right to dress however they please. But in a real world, our women must understand that how they portray themselves will affect how they are seen, treated, and approached.
The same is true for us men as well, but we would all do well to understand that there is a double standard and that wearing whatever a woman wishes would not alter that standard.
Therefore, regardless of her intentions, regardless of right and wrong, and regardless of whether she is aware of or accepts this harsh, unforgiving truth, a woman who dresses like a “hoe” or hoochie will probably be perceived as one.

Additionally, she might draw in things or attention that she does not desire.
Other nations are aware of this. This is understood by other civilizations. Other racial groups are aware of this. And every religion in the world is aware of this. But for some reason, Americans have succumbed to the “everything goes” mentality.

The term “Teaser Hoochie Dressing Black Women” will now be defined (THDBWs).
You may claim that these are my thoughts, but whether you agree with them or not, you must admit that they are nonetheless facts.
THDBWs are women (or girls) that dress conspicuously in tight clothing to highlight certain bodily features. Many of them desire the eye contact, but they only desire particular kinds of guys to approach them.

However, if the man who approaches her piques her curiosity, she will flirt, smile, and enjoy the attention if he says the same things as the other man did.

Dressing To Impress Is Not The Same As Dressing To Tease

The Teaser Hoochie Dressing “Black” Woman does not simply dress in this manner because she enjoys looking in the mirror. She is in denial if she both admits to you that she is lying to you and if she also tells herself that.
She may not be aware of the signals she is giving by the way she dresses, but I would wager that she is quite aware of them most of the time.
She might dress that way to draw attention to herself by using “the booty,” which will make her feel better because she lacks confidence.

She may wear that clothing because she could genuinely be a “hoe,” often known as a chicken-head or a hoochie.
She might wear those clothing because her buddies do. Perhaps she doesn’t know the difference between sexy and hoochie, which is why she dresses that way.
She might dress that way since she seen her relatives doing so. She might even dress that way because she is determined to wear whatever she wants to wear, regardless of the signals that sends.
She might even dress that way because she is determined to wear whatever she wants to wear, regardless of the signals that sends. Perhaps she doesn’t value herself. She might be teasing. Or perhaps she’s a sweet girl who is sweet but illiterate.

I’ll say it again: Any woman, regardless of her ethnicity, is free to wear whatever she wants to wear, as long as it complies with the law. And I’m entitled to go alone through the worst parts of Chicago, Detroit, New York, or Atlanta at 3 in the morning while counting $100 dollars. However, if I do, we both know what will probably happen.
Was I a nuisance to anyone? No. Is anyone being injured by me? No.
But when the police arrive, they’re going to think I’m stupid and disconnected from reality.
Why? Because I ignored common sense in my surroundings and unintentionally exposed myself to the negative aspects of society.

For the ladies I discuss in this article, the same is true. Consequences of actions might be just or unfair, right or wrong.

Michael Jackson said the word “dangers.” Bell That chick is pooooiiissssssoooonnn, according to Biv Devoe. But today, so many brothers choose to reject the cautionary tales set to music in favor of being seduced by a huge butt and a grin, wallet and all. We men are constantly exposed to images of female body parts that tease and tempt us, whether it’s through magazines like Playboy and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, beauty contests, your neighborhood Hooters, Beyonce, or the anaconda-loving Nikki Mirage.

Therefore, what should a guy do when they are the spiders and our hormones cause us to fall into their webs?

If A Woman Does Not Respect Herself, She Will Not Respect Her Male Companion
Brothers, try your best to choose a woman with substance, character, and identity who respects and appreciates herself. She has so much more to give than just her physique, therefore she need not show off every curve.
While the other women frequently have an almost enticing appearance, resistance is not pointless. You might not be able to escape if you allow yourself to be teased and drawn into the web.
What I’m about to tell you requires self-control, high moral standards, moral integrity, and character.
But the more you take a stand, the more women will learn that you cannot be so easily deceived.

And at that point, everyone’s circumstances will start to alter.

Writer: Trevo Craw

Content courtesy of Thy Blackman & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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