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The Contemporary Womenswear Brand Asantii

Posted On : August 5, 2022

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After working in the African design sector for more than 20 years, our founder Maryse Mbonyumutwa set out to establish an international fashion company with roots in the region. This is how the Asantii story began.
a company selling classic items manufactured with integrity. A company with a mission that is leading a revolution in fashion, promoting African designers, artists, and craftspeople, and improving the brand’s employees and their families through the Pink Ubuntu social investment program.

In this uncharted territory, the first step was to establish a manufacturing infrastructure. Currently, nearly 4,000 employees, mostly women, work for Pink Mango and its partner C&D Products in Rwanda.

The second step involved assembling a dream team of African designers, assisted by a group of worldwide specialists in luxury brands and supply. By coming together in the spirit of Ubuntu, they created Asantii, a stunning fashion label that represents Africa to the rest of the world.

With each collection, we are pleased to add to Africa’s rich cultural history and foster creativity.

The designers in the Asantii team come from 12 different African nations and are passionate about sharing their distinct viewpoints with one another and the rest of the globe. These designers draw new inspiration from their nation’s craft and textile traditions, cultural histories, and natural landscapes each season to help shape the prevailing mood. They are assisted by a London-based team of fashion specialists.

In the field of sustainable fashion, we are employing our industry expertise to have a beneficial social, economic, and environmental impact.

Asantii is committed to bringing about change in the fashion industry by a significant dedication to mindfully sourcing materials from all over Africa and ethically creating our designs at our cutting-edge facilities in Rwanda. Asantii is sustainable by default. We encourage female collectives and craftspeople and place an emphasis on classic, year-round looks that will breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Asantii was established on a strong commitment to uplift everyone who works and collaborates with us, embracing the spirit of Ubuntu, a belief in our shared humanity.

Everything we do is motivated by the principle of ubuntu (giving back), from prioritizing the needs of our employees and their families through corporate social responsibility to promoting the individual brands of our designers through capsule collections. Our ultimate goal is to serve as a catalyst for the growth of Africa’s fashion, apparel, and textile industries.

Asantii expresses gratitude to a continent that has provided so much for all of us.

Content courtesy of Asantii & NFH


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