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The Jw show 2019 at Two Rivers Mall

Posted On : November 10, 2019

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The JW Show #MadeInKenyaByKenyans movement, is the leading and most popular Fashion House in Kenya, formed in a quest to showcase what Kenyan fashion has to offer connecting Kenya, Africa and The World through fabric and design.

Marking the ninth edition in a row, tonight The JW Show is opening its doors to designers, models and fashion enthusiasts to its one-of-a-kind fashion experience, showing Kenya’s leading brands such as Kelele, Elle, Aqil, Ashok Sunny, Lucy Rao among others plus also different Fashion institutions who will be competing (Nibs,Amboseli,Delight,Nairobi University,Bifa,Verabeauty.

This Show was started with a vision to offer a platform to promote what Kenya owns; what Kenya has, by incorporating the love and passion for fashion, quality, and design, together

with the Kenyan character, supporting local talent and increasing the purchase of locally made fashion designs. Over the years, the JW Show has served as a space to celebrate Kenyan designers, models and the different cultures in the Country through fashion and art in a bid curb unemployment amongst the youths in Kenya.

  • Since 2013 The JW Show has supported and economically sustained over 10,000 young fashion industry players in about 26 counties across Kenyan.
  • Over 80% of young industry players that have passed through the JW Show are currently running successful businesses in over 26 Counties across the Country.
  • Our priority remains to promote the Made in Kenya By Kenyans initiative where we not only support young Fashion Talents but also create linkages and networking opportunities as well as capacity building through mentorship programs and local and international conferences and exhibitions.

The JW Show 2019 host Ms. Angela Muiruri and Obina Presenter, from Capital FM Radio and Nation Fm, panel of judges :

Jw show Judges

Betty Kyalo – Media Personality, Kenya.
Kenneth Pope Ndolo – Fashion Designer, Kenya.
Aulgah Nato – Fashion Designer, Kenya.
Jane Sempeo – Fashionpreneur, Dubai.
Lisa Christoffersen – Fashion Designer, Kenya.
Charity Gachenge – Fashion Strategist, USA.

Runway designer showcase
1st Designers’ Showcase
Mary Nyambura – Delight Institute of Fashion and Design
Charity Nyathira and Ruth N. – Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)
Debra Ang’ awa – Delight Institute of Fashion and Design
Samuel Kamau – Amboseli Institute of Tourism and Hospitality

2nd Designers’ Showcase
Gloriana Kingombe – Vera Beauty College
Prisca Nicole and Ann Nyamari – Amboseli Institute of Tourism
and Hospitality
Samuel Mbugua – Nairobi Institute of Business Studies(NIBS)
Julia Achieng – Delight Institute of Fashion and Design

3rd Designers’ Showcase
Kelele Designs
Aqil Fashion House

4th Designers’ Showcase
Mary kate
Ashock Sunny
Francinca B. Designs

5th Designers’ Showcase
Ellen Designs
Rialto by Lucy Rao

special thanks to sponsors of JW show 2019
Travel Luxe
Rome Tech

Content courtesy of The Jw show 2019 & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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