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The Jw Show

Posted On : November 11, 2018

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Jeffery Wilson is the founder and CEO of The Jw Show ,a Kenyan fashion entrepreneur who has built a name and business around bringing like minded entrepreneurs to celebrate the art of couture through his JW Fashion show.

Fashion Lovers gathered on Saturday at  Thika road mall roof top on 10th November 2018, for Jw show 2018 the event was graced by who is who in Kenya and guest from Uganda Micheal Ross who performed live.

This year’s Jw Fashion Show event featured 10 designers who represented Made in Kenya by Kenyans, They included Joyma Collections, House of Fatisha grid, Samba designs,, Zuberi designs, Kahaari designs, Izulu designs, Elizabeth designs, Cladika designs, Hafsa designs and M Kay fashion house.

Judge panel from left: Jane Sempeo Betty Kyallo,Ken Pope,Charity Gachenge & Aulgah Nato

The Judges were, beautiful Jane Sempeo, Betty Kyallo C.E.O and founder of Flair by Betty, Ken Pope Founder of Undisputed man clothing brand and fashion consultant USA based fashion strategist and 7th Edition’s M.C Charity Gachenge and celebrity fashion designer Aulgah Nato.

Content Courtesy Of The Jw Show & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Fashion Tribe Influencer

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