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The Kitenge Festival UK

Posted On : March 9, 2018

Oscar Alochi


The Kitenge Festival UK is a non-profit community body which aims to promote African fashion, culture, business & the arts in the UK. The one day event is a unique platform which showcases Africa’s valuable, distinctive and unique heritage in a carnival/celebration atmosphere whilst instilling a sense of African pride. In its 6th year now, the event has grown exponentially and has become a major cultural event drawing local and international crowds. It is designed to appeal to influential figures, community leaders, movers and shakers, taste makers that take active roles in setting the mould for style, cultural trends and overall ingenuity within the African Community and the general public in the UK. The event provides businesses and all affiliated companies with exceptional brand exposure and awareness amongst the African community. Get in touch if you’d like to partner or Sponsor this year’s event!

The Kitenge Festival Uk

Content Courtesy Of Nairobi Fashion Hub & Kitenge Festival UK

Oscar Alochi


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