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The rise of the £1,000 status basket bag

Posted On : July 27, 2020

Fashion Police


From Fendi Baguettes to Hermes Birkins, fashion has forever placed value on It bag styles, their owners carrying them as much as status symbols as because they actually like the design.

Typically, though, a trophy tote is made from luxury leathers  expensive materials, with a retail price to match. So how does one explain the ascent of the £1,000 wicker bag, a trending style which, in many cases, could be mistaken for a bread basket with a top handle?

Summer 2020’s trophy basket bags come with a steep price tag

Basket bags are now ubiquitous in British summer time you’ll find them everywhere, from supermarkets to seaside scenes, as soon as the weather comes good. They are an ideal accompaniment to a lockdown-popular gingham dress at a socially-distanced picnic. For the last five years, though, they have been the bag of choice for any chic holiday goer looking to throw all her essentials in one beach-to-town tote.

Content courtesy of Telegraph & Nairobi fashion hub Online Digital Team 

Fashion Police


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