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The Rwanda Journalists for Sustainable Development ( RJSD )to Launch Officially its activities, in a Meeting that will be held to the Virtual Conference.

Posted On : February 18, 2021

Oscar Alochi


The Rwanda Journalists for Sustainable Development (RJSD) is in preparations for the launch of its activities, following the receipt of legal documents issued by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) for non-profit organizations operating in Rwanda.

The launch will be on 25/02/2021, at 10:00 AM at ZOOM Cloud Meeting, as well as live streaming on other social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and others, in order to comply with the Covid19 epidemic prevention guidelines, as provided by MINISANTE and WHO.

The meeting will feature three discussions, all aimed at outlining the RJSD’s plans and objectives and welcoming new members who wish to join the organization.

It is in 2019 that journalists from the Rwandan and international media have merged forces to create the RJSD ‘Rwanda Journalists for Sustainable Development’ to help Rwandans, in general, achieve sustainable development, with access to information. The founders of the organization aim to provide assistance and advice to young journalists in the profession.

Celestin Ntawirema, a spokesman for the RJSD, said that young journalists needed advocacy and assistance because if left unmanaged well as they could be.

Ntawirema said: “Here in Rwanda we know that journalists who already popular are the ones shifting the media houses. There are other upcoming journalists in this profession who are not easy to find the media working with them, even they don’t have more experience”.

“We want to emerge the experience with those young journalists to assist them to become more professional. Among the things we will help with these people are to help them to get training and help them to increase their knowledge at the international level with a view of bringing them into employment that will lead them to sustainable development.” He said.

Ntawirema added that there are still a large number of journalists studying journalism in Rwanda, but that they are not doing what they have learned because it is still difficult for the journalists to get a good job which would lead them to development.

For Ntawirema, he recognizes that sites such as the YouTube channel are another concern to the media that people would ignore, and could lead to further problems in the future in the Rwandan media industry. He explains that those who do this work should be reminded of the general principles and rules of journalism both in Rwanda and around the world.

“Look, for example, people who are starting this job, are those being not educated, have no training, so you find that things are getting mixed up in the wrong way. RJSD is planning to work with the government, private sector, and other partners, to train those journalists for increasing their knowledge and work better,” he said.

Other activities planned by the RJSD include working with universities and schools of journalism, media, and communications, as well as secondary schools. It is in order to help the students in these schools to increase the knowledge they need today and to help them get into professional journalism and to get sustainable development.

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Oscar Alochi


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