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The Story of Saru Organics

Posted On : June 4, 2019

Oscar Alochi


The Story of Saru Love

Saru Organics is home to the finest quality in luxury organic beauty products to customers around the world. Founded by visionary Mkamboi Mwakale while attending her MBA studies at USIU, Nairobi, Saru Organics has grown to become synonymous with premium quality, earth-friendly botanical ingredients and the ultimate in delivering stunning hair styling results. Each of our product has been deliberately crafted to let you experience awesome love with your natural crown.

Saru Organcis  Founder?

A Kenyan native, Mkamboi Mwakale begun this journey accidentally when her 4-year-old daughter kept on being sickly and had to use antibiotics that turned out to be a frustrating cycle of events. She came across Moringa powder after a Nigerian friend urged her to try it on her daughter, something that was a turning point in her life.

The Moringa powder turned out to be an excellent solution to her health concerns and she was curious to find out more about her new-found discovery. However, a visit to her upcountry home in Taita Hills made Mkamboi realize something else altogether; the farmers from Taita had grown the Moringa Oleifera tree in plenty but they were yet to experience the economic benefit from the tree.

It was this realization that made Mkamboi get into more researching about the entire tree with an aim to create a solution to the Moringa farmers from her home. Coincidentally she had a unit that required her to come up with a social enterprise project as part of her MBA course work requirements and things just fell neatly into place as she used the opportunity to identify a solution. Her attention was particularly caught with the content and properties of Moringa seed that produced such a high-profile oil.

It was at this realization that she explored the idea of using Moringa oil to solve some of the pin points ethnic hair experienced and with her dedication to a healthy life growing in her personal life, she began to realize the perils posed by inhaling and handling harsh chemicals. She then sought and committed to create value addition to Moringa Oil by creating a toxin-free hair products, and went ahead to incorporate only organic ingredients in her formulations.

She also began extensive research and testing of essential oils, plant extracts and other botanical ingredients to produce her first organic haircare product the Revitalizing Clay Cleansing Shampoo that has been a pioneer in the market and a darling to her customers who love the beautiful experience of soft, conditioned moisturized hair they get after a hair wash.

Her pioneering product is her very first innovative solution that applied design thinking while creating the product. She wanted a sulfate free shampoo but one that worked for ethnic hair that easily gets knots and tangles and can be a mess. The clay shampoo is also great enough for kids leaving kids hair cleansed and soft to manage.

Mkamboi is dedicated to creating professional quality performance products crafted with care and respect for the mother nature. She dreams to create a blossoming full line of incomparable hair, skin, and body products for the entire family.

Natural Beauty With Purpose

Today Saru Organics is not only recognized for its pioneering products in luxury organic beauty but also for the uplifting inspirational messages shared through its various social media platforms. “A positive vibe creates great energy for the day to conquer and accomplish your set goals, we just love being part of that positive energy getting channeled your way as you read our posts,” says Mkamboi Mwakale who is a believer of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through partnerships with Moringa farmers and harvesters of organic and wild-crafted ingredients, and dedication to using 100% recyclable packaging and earth-friendly production methods, Saru Organics lives true to its mandate. The commitment to continually seek the highest standards of quality, performance, and organic certification is how Saru Organics brings natural beauty with purpose to you.

Content courtesy of Saru Organics & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Oscar Alochi


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