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 Togeterness Supreme Film

Posted On : January 11, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Based on actual events, Togetherness Supreme is the story of Kamau, an artist, searching for change in the midst of tribal tension in the slums. Kamau stands up against his father and his tribe to join the other side with his friend Otieno. Kamau and Otieno fight for political change for those living in dire poverty, but they are caught up in the middle of the ethnic conflict that tears apart their country and, furthermore, they are rivals for the love of Alice, a preacher’s daughter. After a contested presidential election (Kenyan presidential election of December 2007), the slums erupt in violence and Kamau’s world collapses around him.

This film paints a true reflaction of tribalism in kenya after violence followed the Kenyan August elections in 2007. One of the flashpoints was the massive shantytown of Kibera. This film tells the story of the post-election violence through the eyes of those who witnessed it

Togeterness Supreme has won several International Awards.

  • African Movie Academy Awards 2010: 2 awards
  • Best International Feature Film – Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2011
  • Global Landscape Award – Cinequest Film Festival 2011

Directed by  Nathan Collett
Initial release  5 October 2010
Music director  Eric Musyoka
Cinematography  Andrew ‘Dru’ Mungai
Director  Nathan Collett
Copy Right Alchetron
Content Courtesy Of Digital Team 

Oscar Alochi


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