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Top 10 African Fashion Store in Kenya

Posted On : June 12, 2020

Oscar Alochi


African clothing commonly refers to the traditional clothing worn by the people of Africa,different tribes throughout the continent pride themselves on their national dress which they use for ceremonies and special occasions.
There are many varied styles of dress and the type of cloth plays an integral role in fashioning the garment. The fabric often reflects the society in general as well as the status of individuals or groups within that community, In some instances traditional robes have been replaced or influenced by foreign cultures, like colonial impact or western popular dress code.
The evolution of dress in Africa is very difficult to trace due to the lack of written word and actual historical evidence. Much is pieced together from various sources like traditional robes being handed down to present day tribal members, word of mouth (oral history), theater (masquerades) and from art and artifacts which show sculptural representations of dress.

Adele Dejak

Adele Dejak the brand is home to luxurious African inspired jewelry handcrafted in the heart of Kenya. Everything comes from materials that different African tribes would use to make their ornaments and trinkets. We have contemporary, artistic and wearable bags, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets not forgetting some exclusive home decor items.
Location:Village Market Nairobi Kenya
Contact: 0737 253862
Website: https://www.adeledejak.com


odAOMO was conceived by Kenyan native, designer and CEO Dr. Sophia Aomo Omoro, the sixth of eight children born to a seamstress mother and postal worker father. The brand derives from a childhood interest in sketching designs to express her individuality among similarly clad sisters and an innate desire to support her community.

Location: The Village Market Limuru Road Gigiri Nairobi P.O. Box 00621, Nairobi
Contact: 0714 235863
Website: https://www.odaomo.com

Akinyi Odongo Kenya
Location: Sifa Towers, 4D, 4th, Floor
Contact: 0774 841997
Website: https://akinyiodongo.co.ke

Kiko Romeo
Location: 523 Riara Rd, Kobo
Contact: 0722 516317
Website: https://kikoromeo.com

Deepa Dosaja Boutique
Location: Loresho Ridge, Nairobi
Contact:  0777 915986
Website: https://www.deepadosaja.com

CocoLili Africa
Location: 1st Floor (New Wing), Village Market Nairobi Kenya
Contact: 0796 962625
Website: None

Eunique Fashions Africa

formerly Miss Fashion,is a Kenyan based fashion house that has for 16 years thrived in dressing a diverse audience with emergent fashion trends from designer brands at affordable rates in the Kenyan market. Having successfully traded in the fashion industry since 2000, Eunique Fashions has created three umbrella brands namely Eunique, Miss Fashion, Mr Fashion to cater for a growing demand for quality and unique fashion items for people within the market share.

Location: Two Rivers Mall Limuru Road Nairobi Ke, Village Market and Sarit centre Westlands
Contact:  0700 381080
Website: None

The Designers Studio

TDS is Kenyan lifestyle premium fashion brand that connects you to the world of Fashion & Design in Kenya shedding light on a new African reality through content and commerce, Inspired to create accessibility and knowledge of the Kenyan fashion brands, TDS was created to search, tell their story and bring them closer to the consumer.
Location: Two Rivers Mall, Off Limuru Road, Ground Floor, Nairobi
Contact: 0716 972992
Website: https://tdsblog.com

African Attires
Location: Elgeyo Marakwet, Nairobi City
Contact: 020 2509200
Website: None

Bellian African Fashion & Design
Location: 2nd Floor, Best Lady Center, Ronald Ngala St, Nairobi
Contact: 0701 397688
Website: None

Kipekee Fashions Africa
Location: pt 8, block C, Fatima Apartments, Marques Garvey Road, off Argwings Kodhek Road,Nairobi
Contact: 0701 485299
Website: None

La BELLE Fashions Imenti House
Location: 1st Floor, Imenti House, Moi Ave, Nairobi
Contact: 0717 789272
Website: None

Binti Online Wholesale Shop
Location: Naivasha Rd, Nairobi
Contact: 0721 521560
Website: https://binti.co.ke

Jora African Arts And Fashion
Location: First Floor, Ring Rd Kilimani, Nairobi
Contact: 0734 217500
Website: None

Sabby Craft Curio Shop And African Attires
Location: Utalii St, Nairobi
Contact: 020 2509200
Website: None

Leo African Fashions
Location: Nalepo Plaza, Opposite Kenya Power, Namanga Road, Kitengela, Nairobi – Namanga, Athi River
Contact: 0700 415808
Website: None

Tribal African Wear
Location: Moi Ave, Nairobi
Contact: 0726 468850
Website: None

Paulina George West African Fashions
Location: Shop 1, Arcade 680, Standard St, Nairobi
Contact: 020 2733641
Website: None

Designing Africa Collective
Location: 1st Floor , New Ext./ Village Market Shopping Mall
Contact: 0715 198836
Website: None

Beyond Glamour Africa
Location: City Square Nairobi City Kenya
Contact: 0724 850532
Website: https://beyondglamourafrica.com

African Fabric And Designs Kenya Ltd
Location: Suna Road Adams Arcade Mini Mall No. 1a
Contact: 0710 660524
Website: https://www.africanfabricanddesigns.com

Bepomag African Collections

Established in 2016, Bepomag African Collections seeks to celebrate and share the rich cultural and aesthetic beauty of Africa, through unique fashion items and art, working with local craftsmen, small scale traders and emerging entrepreneurs, the Bepomag African Collections seeks to provide a market platform for unique African inspired clothing, jewelry, footwear and decorative household items.

Location: Garden city Thika Rd, Nairobi
Contact: 0722 232959
Website: http://bepomag.com

Kerry Designs Africa
Location: Tom mboya street
Contact: 0712 357420
Website: None

House of M’Kay Designs – Ready Made African wear
Location: Hamilton House, 2nd floor shop 3, Nairobi
Contact: 0780 266266
Website: None

Made in Kenya Store
Location: 907 – 0061 Parklands Road
Contact: 0703 463029
Website: None

Promise African Jewellery Shop
Location: Room 04, 1st Floor, Perida Business Centre, Dubois Road, Nairobi
Contact: 0724 513119
Website: None

Rift Valley Leather Ltd

RVL was incorporated 11th March 2009.The  company develops and manufactures the highest quality leather and canvas  products, including a wide variety of travel bags, male and female bags,  office bags and hotel/restaurant and corporate products and an innovative range of accessories.
Location: Nairobi
Contact: 0725 686864
Website: https://www.rift-africa.com

Sarai Afrique Fashion House

Offers a wide assortment of the latest and best selections of women’s apparel from brands across the World. Designs that fit the sophisticated woman as well as the modern styles of clothing that best suit the trends of today.
Location: Lavington Mall 2nd Floor
Contact: 0701 932202
Website: https://saraiafrique.com/

D&D Clothing Kenya
Location: Embakasi, Fairview Business Park, No 6
Contact:  0741 078105
Website: https://danddclothing.com

Inside Africa Fashions
Location: Victoria Court Starehe, Tom Mboya St, Nairobi
Contact: 020 2218714
Website: None

Kidosho Apparel
Focuses on ethno-chic garments that fuse modern designs with ethnic fabrics and patterns to create a contemporary brand that is timeless and elegant. Kidosho is a demi-couture line; co-designed by and using the delicate craftsmanship of Kenyan artisans. Additionally, we specialize in personalized shopping and image consultancy services for our premium clients.

Social impact Kidosho has a social responsibility program that is focused on empowering single mothers within and outside its organization. This initiative trains its women and helps them acquire sewing machines and connects them with buyers.’

Location: Block E, Suite 42, 1st Floor, Rehema Place, Ngong Rd, Nairobi
Contact: 0717 628637
Website: https://www.kidosho.com

Kungara Stores Kenya
Location: Arcade Langata, Karen Plains Rd, Nairobi
Contact: 0711 120160
Website: None

Lilabare Sustainable Clothing & Jewellery
Location: Hatheru Rd, Nairobi
Contact: None
Website: https://lilabare.com

Utamaduni Artisans of Africa

The best African craft shop in Nairobi, Utamaduni is a must to drop into on the way to some of the exciting venues in Nairobi’s green suburb of Karen/Langata, known for the famous writer, Karen Blixen’s original farm with beautiful views of the Ngong hills. Incorporate a visit to this unique house of crafts on the day of your visit to the baby elephants, feeding the giraffes and Kazuri beads.
Location: Langata South Road, Nairobi
Contact: 0722 205028
Website: https://www.utamadunishops.com

Naomi Designs
Location: Musindi Lane, Nairobi
Contact:  0702 376767
Website: None

Peperuka Clothing
Location: Riara Rd, Nairobi
Contact: 0717 114198
Website: https://peperuka.co.ke

The African Boot Company Limited
Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi
Contact: 020 2220753
Website: None

Nguo Affordable Pioneer house
Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi
Contact: 0715 783090
Website: None

African Classics – Factory Outlet
Location: African Classics – Factory Outlet
Contact: 0711 897942
Website: https://africanclassicsltd.com

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Oscar Alochi


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