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Top 10 Black Fashion Designers: The Most Fashionable African American Designers

Posted On : June 2, 2022

Oscar Alochi


African attire is lively, life-affirming, and colorful. There are so many things to adore about fashion from this area of the world, and the fabrics made in Africa can be turned into almost any type of garment.

African American fashion designers are bringing a sense of life and vibrancy to other regions of the world through brilliant colors and attractive patterns. Many minorities’ voices would be suppressed and unheard if African American designers were not there.

Items like this African print Tunic are exactly what you’d expect from the top African American designers, and you’ll appreciate having this much color and flair in one piece of apparel.

D’IYANU African dress is akin to sending a statement out into the world. You must continue reading if you want to learn more about the most fashionable African American designers.

1. Kerby Jean-Raymond

Kerby Jean-Raymond is the creative force of Pyer Moss in New York. Jean-Raymond creates fabrics and apparel that use showmanship and innovation to discuss the black American experience.

Jean-Raymond draws on his Haitian-American roots to create vibrant and unique apparel that makes a statement about social issues and the history of minorities all over the world. The capacity of African American designers to create their brands for generations has been harmed by cultural appropriation and other concerns.

All of this experience, as well as the true nature of what it means to design for minorities today, is discussed by Jean-Raymond.

With this work in film, street art, and fashion, Jean-Raymond has brought attention to societal issues that affect African Americans and has made references to the Black Lives Matter movements.

Jean-Raymond was just chosen the global director of Reebok, and he will continue to use this media, as well as his other creative endeavors, to bring the voice of African Americans to fashion.

2. Aurora James

Aurora James is the creative director and founder of the fashion label Brother Vellies. This brand is dedicated to preserving and sharing indigenous African design principles and techniques with the rest of the globe.
James has worked in the fashion, media, art, and photography industries.

All of these abilities come together to create the unique and moving apparel that James is known for.
James is also concerned in supporting the ingenuity behind African designs and their style by generating and sustaining handmade jobs.

James’ efforts to combine sustainability with fashion design in her work are unique and special in the fashion world.

If you’re looking to invest in African culture and the voices of African Americans, this is the brand to go with.

James’ brand is usually associated with celebrities such as Beyonce, Meghan Markle, Serena Williams, and others. The brand’s mission is to make one-of-a-kind fashion goods that spread the African design message over the world.

James has a very unique and meticulous attention to detail, and her work is transforming how people around the world perceive African culture and fashion.

3. Dapper Dan

Daniel Day’s socially minded brand, Dapper Dan, is his creation. Since 1982, Daniel Day has owned and maintained this store, and he has worked with a wide range of celebrities, including Salt-N-Pepa, LL Cool J, and Jay-Z.

Daniel has also collaborated with Gucci to produce a fashion brand, and he has made a name for Harlem fashion around the world. Harlem has always had its own distinct sense of style, and there is no shortage of incredible inspiration in this Harlem-inspired apparel collection.

Dapper Dan is the fashion world’s voice for Harlem, and the business aims to make an impact in the areas of poverty reduction, crime prevention, and spiritual enlightenment.

This is a brand that is inspired by everyone who has struggled to overcome social injustice, as well as those who have been told that their culture is irrelevant and that they have no right to speak up.

Day’s personal life has been marred by sorrow and hardship, and his voice and vision, which tell the experience of African Americans through the centuries, communicate to everyone in the globe.

4. Carly Cushnie

Carly Cushnie is one half of the Cushnie design house’s founding team. Knitwear, tailored corporate clothes, and elegant and attractive female clothing were all celebrated by this brand.
Michelle Obama, the Kardashians, and Blake Lively have all been photographed wearing Cushnie.

This is a company that honors both the African-American experience and women’s empowerment.

Due to the pandemic’s impact on retail enterprises, Cushnie was forced to close its doors in late 2020.
That isn’t to say Carly hasn’t continued to design clothing and advocate for women’s and minorities’ rights.

Cushnie’s voice will not be hushed, and her talent and ability to create designs that allow women to embrace their femininity without compromise will continue to fuel her efforts in the fashion world.

5. Romeo Hunte

Romeo Hunte has his own lifestyle business that he runs and designs. This is a New York-based company that aims to develop both simple and complicated style.
Hunte started out as a buyer and personal shopper in the fashion industry.

As a result, he realized the need for a street-style brand that reflected African-American history and experience.

Hunte is constantly developing and curating his brand, with the goal of creating timeless styling. This is a free-spirited brand that clothes clients for black-tie events as well as casual daywear for work or lounging around.

Hunte’s designs have such a strong voice, and the brand’s colors, design choices, and styling vary and evolve with the social fabric of the United States.

Check out Romeo Hunte’s work if you’re looking for clothing that speaks to the heart while still creating a bold style statement. There are few brands that manage to be both edgy and restrained, and this brand’s careful balancing act of social commitment and style awareness is truly unique.

6. Laquan Smith

Laquan Smith had a successful year in 2021, with several celebrities wearing his designs on the red carpet. From celebs like Ciara, who look great in every outfit, to many accolades and magazine covers, there’s something for everyone.
Laquan Smith is a talented Black fashion designer to watch in 2022.

As a child, Laquan Smith observed his grandma and many other female role models.
His family sent him to art school in high school, and it was a life-changing event for him. He was turned down by FIT and Parsons when attempting to break into the industry.
Laquan e established a company called “LaQuan Smith 3D Leggings” and became known as the “leggings” person.

Things ‘took off’ once he modeled them, handed them around, and celebrities began to wear them.
Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian were all early fans of his unique work, which piqued the curiosity of fashion icons and risk takers.

The company has received acclaim for its never-ending archive of unique clothing and details since its formal launch in 2013. Smith has developed a thriving private order clientele that stretches from Lagos to London.

7. Christopher John Rogers

It’s simple to see why Christopher John Rogers is one of fashion’s most fascinating new names. The designer’s voluminous designs, crisp tailoring, and unashamed use of color have already garnered him a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award and a legion of followers, including Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Michelle Obama, after founding his eponymous label only a few seasons ago.

Rogers got the best of the year early after designing the much-discussed purple inauguration coat for Vice President Kamala Harris. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awarded Rogers the “American Womenswear Designer of the Year” honor, and his beautiful designs clearly speak for themselves.

Rogers’ high-end collections, which may sell for hundreds of dollars, are recognized for being vivid, flamboyant, and monochromatic.
He also has a Target limited-edition brand, Lime green, amber orange, and teal blue are among his favorite hues.

“One of my favorite tales is about a friend who was recently wearing a sweater I designed a few seasons ago. And it was just a striped, color-box jumper, to be honest “He was willing to share. “And I assumed it was nothing out of the ordinary, something I’d always wanted to witness.

“However, she stated that she had never received as many praises from any other piece of clothes in her life.

And I guess what I like about what I do is the way we use color and apply it to something that feels very practical.”
Rogers’ artistic vision has made him one of New York City’s most sought-after designers.
His climb to the top, however, has not been simple.

8. Jason Rembert

Jason Rembert, a celebrity stylist based in New York, has styled a slew of superstars on the red carpet and on magazine covers over the years.

Zendaya was photographed in one of his captivating designs for her Netflix feature, Malcolm & Marie, earlier this year, and his luxury fashion label, Aliétte, exploded.
John Boyega, Rita Ora, Issa Rae, Winnie Harlow, Michael B. Jordan, and Odell Beckham JR. are among his celebrity clients.

Vogue, L’Officiel, Paper, Essential Homme, GQ UK, Sports Illustrated, Variety, New York Times, and Billboard Magazine have featured Rembert’s work, as well as major campaigns for Samsung, Adidas, Moncler, Penshoppe, Giuseppe, and Google.

Rembert is noted for his ability to combine classic sensibilities with current components, a unique technique that gives his editorial, celebrity, and advertising collaborations a fresh perspective.

Jason Rembert was nominated Stylist of the Year at the 2018 Harlem Fashion Row Awards, in addition to being recognized to The Hollywood Reporter’s “Most Powerful Stylist of the Year” list.

9. Fe Noel

Big things usually start small, and Fe Noel was no exception. What began as a tiny experiment in Brooklyn has grown into a globally famous brand.

Noel’s creative and airy outfits have graced the silhouettes of powerful women like Beyonce and Michelle Obama. Some attribute Noel’s toughness and creativity to her New York and Grenadian roots, but we attribute it to her tenacity and creativity.

Fe Noel is a womenswear designer from Brooklyn, New York, who is inspired by travel, brilliant colors, and strong prints. She began her career at the age of 19, when she opened a brick-and-mortar boutique in Brooklyn for vintage enthusiasts and trendsetters.

That boutique sparked her ambition to help women embrace their femininity, which led to the creation of her namesake clothing and lifestyle fashion business, ‘Fe Noel.’

Fe Noel is a womenswear designer from Brooklyn, New York, who is inspired by travel, brilliant colors, and strong prints. She began her career at the age of 19, when she opened a brick-and-mortar boutique in Brooklyn for vintage enthusiasts and trendsetters.

That boutique sparked her ambition to help women embrace their femininity, which led to the creation of her namesake clothing and lifestyle fashion business, ‘Fe Noel.’

Fe’s Caribbean ancestry and large, close-knit family have had a big influence on her. She regards her mother and grandmother in particular in great regard, crediting them with demonstrating what hard work, determination, and humble hearts can achieve.

She enjoys assisting other young women start their own businesses in addition to creating, which she is able to do through the Fe Noel Foundation, a program for young girls who are interested in entrepreneurship.

10. Savage x Fenty

Business tycoon Savage x Fenty Think of Rihanna’s Midas touch: she constantly trying her hand at new entrepreneurial initiatives and blowing them up into empires.
Rihanna introduced a lingerie collection in addition to her Fenty cosmetics line, and it has been a huge success.

We may not know what’s next for Rihanna, but we do know that there’s no room for downward as long as Savage x Fenty continues to incorporate diversity into every creation.

The lingerie industry has been shaken, and sexy has been redefined, thanks to Savage X Fenty. The company encourages fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity with affordable pricing ranges and a wide range of fashion-forward styles.
Savage X Fenty has something for every mood, vibe, and BODY, from everyday essentials to daring pieces.

“We want to make people look and feel beautiful,” Rihanna says, explaining that she approaches Savage X with the same mindset she applies to all of her projects: to create something new and fresh that everyone can relate to and be confident in.
“We want you to feel sexy while having a good time doing it.” Savage X Fenty has underwear for every mood, with everything from everyday necessities to more provocative items.


African American fashion is one-of-a-kind, These designers are always pushing the boundaries in order to create designs that effectively express the African American experience in the United States and around the world.

The challenges that affect African Americans are important enough for everyone to care about. Every design created by African American fashion artists is based on social justice and the ability of minorities around the world to speak up for their rights.

You support distinctive voices with essential tales to tell when you invest in African American designers. African American designers in the United States provide unique, remarkable, and authentic clothes and aesthetic aspects.

If you enjoy fashion and want to ensure that minorities have the same opportunities as others, you should invest in African American fashion.
One garment at a time, these designers are transforming the world.

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Oscar Alochi


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