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Top 10 Kenyan Luxury Fashion Brands

Posted On : April 3, 2022

Oscar Alochi


Kenyan luxury brands and fashion designers are pioneering authentic African urban wear. As we focus on luxury brands from Kenya, the NFH team takes a look at some local alternative designs you can bet on if you’re looking for something different this year.

What exactly is a luxury fashion brand?
A luxury brand is distinguished by its high level of quality, exclusivity, and high price tags.
Luxury brands can be found in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, and automobiles.

What Characteristics Characterize a Luxury Brand?
The exclusivity of a luxury brand is the most important factor in its creation.
Of course, luxury brands will always be of high quality, but premium brands, which provide high quality and seek to sell to everyone who can afford it, can also achieve this.

Luxury brands, on the other hand, do not want to serve the masses, and they do not want their products to be widely available, even at high prices. When it comes to luxury marketing, scarcity is everything, and it’s what makes it so desirable in the first place.
The luxury sector is fuelled by people who aspire to be part of it, not by the wealthy.

Below is A list of top Kenya luxury fashion brands, do you agree? if not share your thoughts in the comment section.

1. Ami Doshi Shah

Ami Doshi Shah was born in Mombasa, Kenya, on the country’s coast. Her ancestors immigrated from India, and she is a third-generation Kenyan. In the United Kingdom, Shah studied at the Birmingham School of Art and Design.

In 2001, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jewelry and Silversmithing. She also won the Goldsmith Award for Best Apprentice Designer that year.
Shah completed a 6-month apprenticeship in Mumbai and Jaipur before returning to Kenya.
She did not, however, start making jewelry right away, Instead, she pursued a career in advertising.

Ami Doshi Shah, a designer, draws inspiration from Kenya’s natural beauty. She was trained as a jeweler and silversmith in the United Kingdom before returning to her native country and launching her namesake label twelve years after graduating. Her pieces are distinguished by their unconventional, sculptural designs and enthralling natural materials made from local metals and minerals.

2. Kiko Romeo

Ann and Iona McCreath from Nairobi, Kenya, have collaborated on KikoRomeo, which means “Adam’s Apple” in Kiswahili. The heritage lifestyle brand was founded in 1996 to promote trade and appreciation of traditional crafts while also stimulating employment. Over the last two decades, KikoRomeo has mentored many designers and artisans in Kenya and is widely credited with transforming the Kenyan fashion industry.

Iona earned a Sociology degree from the London School of Economics and a Foundation in Art and Design from UAL Central St Martin’s in 2018. She has also worked as an apprentice in the fashion industry since she was a child.

Ann has a Master of Arts from the University of Edinburgh and classical training in Italian Alta Moda.

She is the founder of FAFA (Festival of African Fashion & Arts), a global platform for African designers that launched “Fashion for Peace” in 2008.

3. Anyango Mpinga

Anyango Mpinga is a fashion designer, to put it another way, She founded the Contemporary Sustainable brand in 2015, which is inspired by white shirts, bold prints, and unconventional style that is both male and female in nature.
Her look harkens back to the Romantic Victorian era, but with a sophisticated boyish edge. She is currently working on making biodegradable textiles.

She established the Free As A Human Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking and economic injustices in the fashion supply chain and consumer sectors that exploit workers.

4. Akinyi Odongo

MEFA Creations’ Akinyi Odongo Kenya is a high-end, rejuvenating, and invigorating African fashion line that spans the local, regional, and international apparel industries.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya has shifted the establishment with African-inspired designs exuding timeless sophistication, class, and ever-present diversity that has carved its niche in the local and international fashion arena, inspired by a Kenyan fashion industry incessantly knocking on the international market galaxy.

Odongo, Akinyi Kenya is now a bespoke designer of perfect cuts, refined details, and high-quality yet durable fabrics for everyday use, with a touch of rich African culture to distinguish it.
We know what we’re talking about when it comes to targeting high-net-worth individuals from all over the world.

First ladies of African countries, presidential candidates, and corporate high flyers have all won our jackets, dresses, skirts, and suits, which have been widely praised by fashion enthusiasts.

5. Jok A Jok

Jok A Jok has become a well-known clothing brand in the country since its introduction. This clothing line has a lot to offer. Tedd Josiah, a veteran music producer, founded it in memory of his late wife, a fashion enthusiast, and designer.
Furthermore, the name Jok A Jok is derived from one of the River-lake Nilotes sub-tribes in Western Kenya, from which Tedd Josiah is descended. Though the quality speaks for itself, Tedd describes it as a luxury, African leather brand, with materials and labor sourced from Kenya.

6. Adele Dejak

Handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated, and multidimensional woman are created by the Adèle Dejak brand.

The cutting-edge pieces, which are inspired by African shapes, textures, and traditional techniques, sit perfectly between artifact and high fashion statement designs. Adèle Dejak unites style and substance and invites you to embrace your personal style without apology!
Adele Dejak, a jewelry designer, is on a mission to create a global powerhouse brand, and she’s on her way.

Dejak has established herself as a trailblazing luminary in Kenya and across Africa, paving the way for fellow designers such as Ami Doshi Shah to follow in her footsteps.


7. Home 254 Apparels

Home is more than just a clothing line; it’s a way of life. It feels like you’re a member of an exclusive club if you own a piece of Home clothing.
Its name and logo proudly display Kenyan pride, which contributed to its popularity. Home, on the other hand, has grown in popularity in recent years as athleisure wear has become more popular. T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatsuits, which are stylish and comfortable, have become a wardrobe staple among many Kenyans, particularly on social media. They also have sizes for children.


8. Looks Like Avido

The ubiquitous African Ankara prints have become a fetishized design globally to identify with Africa.
The kanga prints aren’t just for special occasions anymore; they can also be worn on regular workdays or on casual chill days, depending on how they’re styled.

Looks Like Avido has you covered with fanny packs, blazers, shorts, dandy boots, and pants.
Separating himself from cookie-cutter designers with a variety of multiple colorful patterns and minimal prints, his fabrics have made him a favorite stylist for many celebrities including Koffee, Fena Gitu, Chronixx, Jah Cure, and G-Money, among many others.

9. Sandstorm Kenya

Sandstorm Kenya, based in Nairobi, used to manufacture luxury tents for East Africa’s most prestigious safari camps. Today, they use the same traditional skills to create stylish and long-lasting safari-grade travel bags, work bags, and accessories out of the finest materials, and we’re about to introduce a new line of leather products, including briefcases and laptop bags.

In this age of outsourcing, we’re unusual in that we’re very much a manufacturer brand,’ and our unique position as an African manufacturer directly linked to the timeless glamour of safari adds to our uniqueness and appeal.


10. El Afrique

El Afrique became known to the rest of the world after it was featured on Beyonce’s website. THEE QUEEN BEY, yes. However, they’ve been making some stylish Ankara outfits for a while.

El Afrique was one of the first clothing brands in the country to specialize in African prints. Slowly but steadily, the Ankara trend gained traction, and they are now widely recognized around the world. They have one-of-a-kind designs for both men and women.


11. 1v1 Garments

This edgy fashion label could be compared to Awgie, Kapital, Chrome Jeans, or River Island in Kenya.
They are proud to be number 254. You could have a punk-grunge wardrobe with well-detailed graffiti art, patched jeans, symbolic gesturing, fearless social messaging, and daring rips for a reasonable price.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but a brave risk and local support sound like the perfect combination.

12. Rose Jewelry

Rose Jewellery offers a unique collection of real diamonds, uncut diamonds, pearls, gold, rose gold, and silver jewelry. Its owners have more than 20 years of jewelry-making and stone-setting experience.

Rose Jewellery provides specialized services such as resizing, repairs, and engraving with every purchase. We’re on the first floor, in the New Wing Shop #620.

13. Esko

DJ Crème De La Crème also dabbled in the fashion industry, launching Esko Life, his own clothing line. It features innovative, out-of-the-box designs that celebrate one’s individuality.
You can go with a simple logo or something more unique like a panda or a Greek statue. T-shirts and hoodies are also available in a variety of bright and fun colors, including orange, yellow, light blue, and pink.

14. Sued Watches

SUED is a Kenyan watch brand dedicated to keeping time in the most African way possible. ‘Isn’t African Timer used to describe someone who never keeps time?’ you might wonder. Sue Mueni, the founder of SUED, used the phrase in a lighthearted manner.

The 24-year-old created her own line of Afrocentric in-house watches and customized accessories, which were delivered in beaded baskets. SUED would motivate you to keep time; or at least run fashionably late, with statement details such as beaded, hair on hide, or pure leather, as well as the choice of strap, cuff, or removable watch strap. What prompted the young entrepreneur to free up some time?

SUED is a Made in Kenya watch brand that was founded in 2015. We handcraft one-of-a-kind, statement-making Timepieces for both accessorizing and time value.
The heart of our brand is to promote the rich African culture and its long-term contribution to civilization.

15. Wazawazi

Wazawazi is a high-end brand dedicated to assisting you in creating your ideal life. Its mission is to spread the beauty of Africa’s story. Through a design-driven product that facilitates interaction with modern-day Africa, the company is an open call to all lovers of diversity, cultural experiences, and social inclusion.
Wazawazi is the epitome of high quality, uniqueness, and timeless design. Our flawless Modern-Day African Lifestyle Products bring us pride by allowing you to design your life around our creations while remaining true to our Afrocentric aesthetic.

We are steeped in a leather artisanal tradition, excellent craftsmanship, and an unabashed passion for the finer things in life.

16. Suave Kenya

Suave is a Kenyan clothing company that focuses on upcycling bags. Using Ankara fabrics, they transform ordinary bags into one-of-a-kind, personalized bags.
They have a sizable customer base both in the country and abroad, thanks to their stunning final products.

People all over the world adore these one-of-a-kind bags and wear them as a fashion statement. They are also useful and reasonably priced.


17. Kipato Unbranded

18. Peperuka World

Kenyans are known for a variety of things, including catchphrases like “Me, I Love Kenya,” “Kwa Ground Vitu Ni Different,” and “Hii zoom ingekuwa email,” which is a personal favorite.
They are relatable to the majority of Kenyans, and they also serve as a great conversation starter when worn on a t-shirt. Peperuka lets you make a personalized t-shirt, mug, or flask out of any of your favorite Kenyan phrases.

19. Bush Princess

I’m originally from Sweden, but I’ve lived all over Europe because of my passion for fashion. My husband and I decided to move to Kenya with our children in 2007 because we wanted to change our lives. A few years prior, we had fallen in love with this country.

That was the start of the Bush Princess adventure. I wanted to create a brand that reflected my personality, combining European elegance with African colors and materials.

The challenge was to produce 100 percent locally and responsibly, which is a difficult task in this part of the world.
Bush Princess bags are all handmade in Kenya and were founded by Charlotte Lefebvre.

Each piece features traditional African craftwork and is elegantly designed in the Bush Princess signature style.


20. Endo Squared

Because of the minimalist lifestyle, line drawings are in vogue. This Kenyan clothing brand is for you if you like this type of art.

The Endo sisters create line drawing-inspired jewelry, bags, t-shirts, and mugs. Furthermore, they hand-draw the designs, giving it a more genuine feel.

21. Aprelleduany

22. The Pink Savannah

23. Mzizi clothing

The brand in the business of antique baseball jerseys celebrating Kenyan reference numbers (for example, 63′ for the country’s independence) and national colors is emerging as a favorite among streetwear fans in the diaspora.
The line is simple in incorporating Kenyan elements such as the flag hues to stand out in the crowd, showing appreciation for Kenyan history and events with itsy-bitsy design effort. The calligraphy and fonts they use are also quite nice.

24. Katungulu Mwendwa

Katungulu Mwendwa creates timeless, timeless casual and semi-formal clothing that transcends seasons. Experimenting with cutting-edge techniques, cutting-edge fabrics, and time-honored methods.

In Nairobi, Kenya, she was born and raised by a base guitarist, architect, and plant-loving psychologist, along with her best friend and techie brother.
Katungulu studied fashion in the United Kingdom and returned home to Kenya to launch her own contemporary fashion line after graduating.

She spent a lot of her childhood following her late grandmother around Nairobi, where she ran and managed a curio shop that sourced work from artisanal groups she worked with within their hometown in Eastern Kenya.

Katungulu was so moved by this that she began working with community groups in the area to create pieces for her collection. She works from her Nairobi home studio, where she draws inspiration from her surroundings and everyday life. She is also influenced by traditional cultures, and she tries to create modern interpretations that are appropriate for an urban setting.

25. Ooze Coolness

Ooze Coolness is an interesting high-end streetwear brand with an eye for uniqueness. It is a distinctive streetwear brand that can have you noticed in any setting.

Their collection includes denim jackets, hoodies, shorts, and sweats, and their trademark logo makes them easy to spot if you’re looking to make a statement.


26. Kangarui

Kangarui was created by Rui Yamashita. Her life experiences are reflected in each of her designs, as she was born in Japan and raised in Kenya. She has a quirky fusion style, full of color and often featuring animals from East Africa, and she wants to share her passion for safaris with the rest of the world.

Her passion has always been to get her hands dirty and be creative by experimenting with various materials and tools and layering heavily. Before launching her own brand in September 2016, her designs were sold at Urban Outfitters, Target, BHG, Houzz, and a variety of other stores around the world.

Kangarui sounds like an Australian animal, but it’s actually a combination of Kanga (or Khanga, a traditional Kenyan textile commonly used as headscarves and sarongs) and her first name, Rui. Kanga-Rui💕


27. 2endo

The clothing line posters art pieces by one of their owners, Patti Endo, give their products a vintage original touch. A relatively new luxury house based in Nairobi, the clothing line posters art pieces by one of its owners, Patti Endo, give their products a vintage original touch.

They’re perfect for weekend wear, carrying around perishables, and looking chic in a unisexual way in any given environment, with simple casual tees and beige tote bags.

28. TengeVuli

Tengevuli is a fashion house famous for its colorful umbrellas. Isabel and David, the company’s founders, spoke with Lucy Robi about their company. When did the story begin?

Isabell usually picks up fabric all over the continent. I, on the other hand, was unemployed and in between jobs at an IT firm. We saw an umbrella for over Sh10,000 one day and thought we could make one for less. That’s how it began.
TengeVuli is a social impact company that creates one-of-a-kind, functional, and fashionable fashion and interior design items.


29. Metamorphosed

The valiant dresser, designed by Instagram muse Afro Minimalist, isn’t afraid to show off his work.

The experimental organization makes clothes perfect for layering, ranging from less intricate pieces that focus solely on fabric elements to complex, chaotic, but meticulous items such as roping, bangles, zippers, and straps.


30. Chillimango

ChilliMango is an Afro-Urban streetwear brand that creates iconic designs and transforms them into a variety of products that reflect contemporary Kenya’s ever-changing urban culture. Our designs are a fusion of various elements of African culture and elements from other cultures around the world. ChilliMango is thus a mash-up of cultures.

We also have a strong nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s, so our designs incorporate many iconic elements from that era.
ChilliMango offers fresh and creative clothing that is super cozy but bold and one-of-a-kind, all handcrafted with love. Among our products are printed designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, and other items. We’ve also begun to investigate textile design because we truly believe in the future of African-made and designed textile prints.

31. Maverick Itumo

The audacious designer, a student at a creative school, has managed to remain discreet and under the radar in releasing his limited notable collections for more than a year.

He has no limits to his mind’s reach and execution, from alternative flying saucer hats to the distinct nganya rings jewelry.

However, through his online clothing store Kenyan Vintage, you can get a variety of streetwear merchandise that you didn’t even know you wanted.

32. Against All Ads

This is the place where a woman can find her ideal gown. The stall brimming with designer gowns that bring out the best in every woman has arrived to save the day.
The store is curated for every situation or ceremony a dress can be useful for, from silks to slits, knee-lengths, drag on the floors, and every color your mind can imagine.
There are frequent sales, but be careful not to go into debt trying to buy everything from their racks.

33. Vitimbi by Oliver Asike

Oliver Asike, co-owner of creative entrepreneurs 2 many siblings, is working on a new fashion line. The brand is revolutionary because it is made from recycled waste.

The line, which debuted last year at his Thrift Social event with musician IamDDB, is divisive to say the least.
The idea of celebrating Makanga uniform by turning it into overalls excites, especially since it comes in bold base colors like dull maroon, bright yellow, and charcoal black.

The concept is novel, but it may irritate those who are not open to new ideas. They also have fantastic tie-dye material and warm fleece jackets with stylish aesthetics that are ideal for any weather.

34. Denri 

Prior to the arrival of Wazi Wazi, Jok A Jok, the Kenyan market was dominated by another bag brand called Denri. Fena Gitu, a well-known musician, is the brains behind it.
This brand appeals to a younger, more budget-conscious demographic while maintaining high quality and design standards. They also have a wide range of bags for all of your needs, including school bags, travel bags, laptop bags, handbags, and more, all at reasonable prices.

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