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Top 10 Modeling Agencies In Kenya and their Location

Posted On : October 4, 2013

Oscar Alochi


The Kenyan modeling industry has gradually and steadily grown to become one of employment source . This is due to the continuous support of the scores of Kenyan modeling agencies that are joining the scene. There is also a substantial number of aspiring and talented models who are interested in modeling jobs in Kenya. So, we felt it would be kind for us to list some of the reputable and reliable modeling agencies in Kenya that they can join to kickstart their career. This way, it is stress-free and effortless for them to find and pick an agency that interests them within their cities and towns.

1. Versatile Model and Talent Kenya

Based at Phoenix House, Kenyatta Avenue, Versatile is a top modeling agency in Nairobi with outstanding programs and training. It is involved in numerous industry players such as commercial and films, and also offers talent management and casting for actors for different roles.

2. City Models Africa

It is one of Nairobi’s world-class modeling agencies, and it’s based at Apple Cross Road, Nairobi. City Models Africa was founded by the legendary top model Ajuma Nasenyana. The agency offers a wide range of model-based training and mentorship programs.

3. Surazuri

Surazuri gives aspiring models a clean-cut head-start to their careers and is one of the top Kenyan modeling agencies. It was established in 1987 and therefore has tons of experience in the fashion and modeling scene. It’s founder, Lindsey McIntyre, is a leader in the industry and ensures professionalism in the agency. The agency also has varying courses for the aspiring models.

4. Eactive Group

Eactive is part of the Eactive Group of companies that involved in entertainment. This agency has a major modeling establishment in Nairobi and also has branches in Zanzibar. It offers all-around training and mentoring for models. Additionally, the agency has different levels of coaching and talent management.

5. Bicfest Modeling

Bicfest was established in 2011 and has been a major go-to place for modeling enthusiasts. It has grown to become one of the top Kenyan modeling agencies. This agency has a well-known and remarkable reputation in the industry. It offers models varying opportunities from commercial to print media and even runways in fashion events.

6. The aftermath Modeling Agency

The Aftermath has shifted the grounds in the model and mentoring in Nairobi. It offers a variety of impressive training for professional and aspiring models. The agency offers holistic courses such event organizing, talent management, and professional level photography.

7. Allure Modeling Agency

An epitome of established proficiency, Allure is a top modeling agency in Nairobi. It caters to a broad range of modeling and acting needs. It offers training and coaching in full casting, coordination and promotion of products in film and advertising. Allure also provides training of models of different ages and physique, making it a sought after agency in the city.

8. Touch Models Kenya

Touch Models Kenya is one of Nairobi’s premier modeling and casting agency. This agency is well known for its work in the entertainment and commercial industry. It’s broadened it’s impact to include theaters and films and even video production. It also offers talent management and support for aspiring models.

9. L’afrique Talent Management

L’Afrique has built up a glorious status in being one of Nairobi’s most versatile Kenyan modeling agencies and has a large and comprehensive program catalog for models. It also has a casting department for aspiring actors and is based at Luther Plaza, Nairobi.

10. Kenya Top Models

Kenyan Top Models holds a reputation for being one of Nairobi’s most flexible modeling agencies in Kenya and caters for different ages of aspiring and professional models. It has a casting and film unit that gives models a chance to work in the advertising and promotions industry. This agency also has a talent management department that takes handles the model’s professional needs.

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Oscar Alochi


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