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Top 10 Online Fashion shopping sites in Kenya

Posted On : March 20, 2020

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Online shopping in Kenya is on an upward trend due to its convenience and time-saving. Generally, online shopping, which is also known as e-commerce, is a method of trading goods and services via the internet. There are over 21 million online shoppers in Africa.

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A number that is even projected to continue it’s upward trend according to reports released by the United Nations Conference on Trade And Development (UNCTAD).

Kenya has also not been left behind on this trend. In fact, with 2.61 million shoppers, Kenya ranks third on the list of countries with the most online shoppers in Africa. Nigeria and South Africa come in first and second respectively.

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Jumia is undoubtedly one-stop  online retail shop in Kenya, both in terms of traffic and wide variety of products where you can find beauty products, Fashion items , clothes for both men and women, electronics, home appliances, and much more.

The website has various Top branded stores too, and you’re likely to find some of your favorites.

Here is a list of online fashion store to checkout while shopping:

1. Vivo Woman

Vivo woman was founded in 2011, and is a proudly Kenyan-owned clothing brand which is designed to make women look and feel great. Vivo tapped into the need of ready-to-wear clothes that were affordable when Kenyan women had very few options to choose from.

At Vivo, they pride themselves in having 90% of the products they make, made in Kenya and they are 100% dedicated to inspiring confidence in women no matter what size or shape they are!

From a fitness wear clothing line to one of Kenya’s leading women’s clothing brand, Vivo has tapped into the need of ready-to-wear clothes that are affordable and offer a great sense of style and comfort,with 90% of products made in Kenya, vivo clothes are designed to make you look and feel great as well as inspire a great deal in confidence in you no matter what size or shape you are.

2. Fab Guru

Fab Guru Online store  is one stop shop for fashionable women’s products in Kenya, mostly fab guru  focuses on women’s wears trendy dresses , fashionable shoes, designer handbags and ladies fashion accessories like earrings and bangles.

3. La Belle Fashions

La BELLE fashions is the shopping destination of choice for something a little bit different here you can get a wide range of outfits from summer wear, winter and all seasons wear.
La Belle Fashions  provide trend-led fashion for those on a budget, taking inspiration from international and local celebrity style, while using the catwalks as its inspiration,


4. Binti

Binti is the largest leading wholesale E-commerce platform for ladies fashion items and accessories in Kenya, and growing across East Africa. Binti aim to empower and grow local micro-based, medium, individual entrepreneurs in business, startups, and customers who are looking for quality and stylish products for the best value in the market.

They do this by linking and offering the best products directly from certified manufacturers and suppliers around the globe mainly from Asia to our customers at reasonable prices and affordable quantities.

5. LeStyle Parfait

LeStyle Parfait is an Online shopping store in Kenya for the best fashion trending clothing and shoes, with a wide range of family wear range from women clothing, men’s clothes, kids clothes, shoes, jewelry and handbags.

6. Tique A Bou

Tique a Bou was born in 2012 and is run by bou-tiful people from Kenya and the UK. Tique a Bou was built to bring online shopping to Kenyan’s. As Kenyan’s, we know how frustrating it is that new, good quality clothes are so expensive and limited. Well, we’ve had enough of paying too much and buying second hand.

So, here at Tique a Bou, they have made it thier mission to bring brand new, good quality online shopping to you at an affordable price.

Tique a Bou UK team in London are constantly searching for the latest in online shopping and fashion and with our years of experience in the industry we have access to prices and quality that we think is pretty hard to beat. See for yourself, feel free to have a browse.

7. Sarai Afrique

Sarai Afrique Fashion House has been serving women for the last five years and the experience we have gained over this time with manufacturers and designers allow us to offer top quality designs at competitive prices in the industry. they take great pride in the relationships, Sarai Afrique form with our customers whom they consider part of the Sarai Afrique family.

Sarai Afrique Fashion House offers a wide assortment of the latest and best selections of women’s apparel from brands across the World. Designs that fit the sophisticated woman as well as the modern styles of clothing that best suit the trends of today.

8. Style Connection

Style connection is a Kenyan online and physical boutique aiming to bring you up to the minute quality, trendy, unique women’s fashion clothes and accessories.

At Style connection, they are continuously working hard to deliver on-trend women’s clothes that are perfectly suited to fit your style. they have an utterly amazing range of fashionable clothing for the ladies, including brilliant casual day-to-day clothing and stunning evening dresses for that special night out with friends.

9. Amore 

Amore was born in Dec 2014 and our flagship store officially opened in March 2015. Amore is the initials of our names Amadi and Moreka and means love.

Amore is the greatest commandment and they believe that when you come to Amore you’ll fall in love with everything. they got a storage space near our home and set up the business. they diversified from interior décor to men women and children’s wear.


10. 2NU Boutique

2NU Boutique is an online shopping store for smart career women, that specializes in offering unique and fashionable clothing, Their website is designed to provide an easy, accessible shopping experience,for the 1st time you don’t have to go through the hustle of going from place to place through the traffic to get to the shops in time before they close.

We did a random search for the most popular online fashion store in Kenya list may vary from online ranking 

Content courtesy of Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team 

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