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Top 10 Online Jewellery shops in Kenya

Posted On : March 20, 2020

Oscar Alochi


Pieces of jewelry are the costly things to invest your money. So, everyone does proper research before investing money in jewelry,no one wants to waste their money on fake jewelries, Due to trust issues, many of us still buy gold, diamond silver, bronze , copper jewelry offline. We are afraid of investing money online that too without seeing the quality of jewels.

Photo credit Adele Dejak

A perfect look remains incomplete for a woman without the right kind of jewelry. Jewelry shopping remains indispensable and irresistible when a woman is out shopping for an occasion,but with jewellery being readily available online, who really wants to wait for an occasion?

Here is a list of online Jewellery store to checkout while shopping:

1. Adele Dejak

Adele Dejak the brand is home to luxurious African inspired jewelry handcrafted in the heart of Kenya. Everything comes from materials that different African tribes would use to make their ornaments and trinkets. they have contemporary, artistic and wearable bags, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets not forgetting some exclusive home decor items.

2. Ami Doshi Shah

Ami Doshi Shah is a jeweller and applied artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, she has been the recipient of the prestigious goldsmiths award for best apprentice designer UK & The African designers for tomorrow award.

3. Kipato Unbranded

Kipato Unbranded is a social enterprise that collaborates with local artists, promoting their talents and skills and giving them access to markets. Kipato Unbranded is about beauty and unique designs. they create jewelry that is inspired by everyday people and for everyday people. their pieces are made from local materials that include brass, recycled bone, and beads.

Kipato Unbranded was founded in 2015 as a social enterprise that creates unique jewellery designs and collaborates with local artists, thereby promoting their skills and talents as well as enabling them access premium local and international markets.

4. Zanta Adeyde

Zanta Adeyde is a brand that specializes in African inspired accessories made of beads ,leather,bones ,horns and brass it mainly we have a range of products which include pure beaded Zanta Adeyde leather handbags statement jewelry and everyday accessories that fits in to the current global fashion front but with the classy and unique African touch.

5. Shop Soko

Shop  soko make modern artisan jewelry made for people, by people,their jewelry combines a strong, yet minimalist aesthetic that hints at the natural, modern and historical landscape of Kenya. Each piece is handcrafted by our artisans using heritage techniques.

shop soko they at  adapt tech for good,unlike large centralized factory production, we use technology to empower human capital and artisan entrepreneurship, not displace it. their mobile-powered “virtual factory” directly connects Kenyan artisans to the global marketplace, a scalable production solution with greater positive benefit to people and their communities.

6. Kapoeta by Ambica

Kapoeta by ambica is a luxury collection of handmade feather & silver jewellery and beaded linen boho-chic apparel. As an african eco-fashion brand, kapoeta by ambica supports ethical and sustainable sourcing, production and design.

Each piece beautifully combines edgy, elegant and extravagant.

7. Kazuri

Kazuri, which means “small and beautiful” in Swahili, began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting in hand crafted ceramic beads,Its founder started with two single motherhood women and soon discovered that there were many others in the villages around Nairobi, most of who were disadvantaged and were in great need of regular employment.

Today Kazuri has grown tremendously and now has a large workforce of over 340 women skilled in the crafting of ceramic beads, strung into beautifully and artistically jewelry, the flair has taken them to a different dimension of making their own unique range of pottery which reflects the culture and wildlife of Kenya. Each piece, like our beads, is handmade and hand painted in rich colors.

8. Zaveris

Zaveris offers a wide range of services including: engraving, jewellery polishing, repairs, valuations for insurance purposes, re-stringing of pearls and a bespoke design service where we can discuss how to bring your creative mind to a reality.

They are an Independent family run jewellery business established in Kenya since 1994. Coming from a background of jewellers from the last three generations we have a wealth of knowledge in this business.

Zaveris specialize in all types of jewellery, which includes wedding bands and engagement rings in yellow and white Gold and bridal jewellery. We pride ourselves for using the latest technology combined with the best of traditional craftsmanship to offer you an extensive collection of gold Jewellery, precious and semi-precious stone Jewellery, Pearl Jewellery and Silver Jewellery of the highest quality and unique design.

9. Little Jewellers

little jewellers are dealers of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery thier products include wedding rings,engagement rings, anklets, bracelets, chains, earrings, pendants, necklaces and birthstone  rings. We are a family owned business offering exquisite yet affordable jewellery to the individual or in bulk to our wholesale clients.

They exclusivity in dealing only with silver jewellery that makes them the ideal company to enter into business with because  they offer you a wide array and diversity of merchandise. This directly impacts the prices of our product making them most favorable to thier customer thus satisfying their needs.

10. Onyx Jewellers

Since its inception in 1974, the Onyx Jewellers in Nairobi, Kenya has earned the reputation as one of East Africa’s most prominent retailers of jewellery and wholesalers of the finest quality gemstones, Spanning two generations and built on trust and integrity, The Onyx boasts a product range of jewellery that is as diverse as its client base.

As a licensed mineral dealer The Onyx is also renowned for being one of the region’s leading stockists of Tanzanites, Tsavorites, Diamonds, Precious and Semi-precious Coloured Gemstones.

Offering a bespoke design and manufacturing service, The Onyx Jewellers is renowned for its dedication to creating exquisite and delicately designed pieces of jewellery that would suit any occasion and regularly commission important pieces of fine jewellery that today serve as a continued testament to the company’s commitment to aesthetic designs, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Oscar Alochi


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