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Top 20 Kenyan Fashion Influencers Making A Wave In The Creative Industry

Posted On : August 22, 2022

Fashion Police


Social media has given the world access to outstanding fashion influencers from across the continent and the entire world in this digital age. As new opportunities keep appearing, the Kenyan influencer market has been keeping up with digital trends and conventions.

We get a peek of how Kenyan fashion influencers present their aesthetics through their own designs thanks to the expanding number of Instagram creators, YouTube producers, and TikTokers.
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some new fashion inspo, as we’ve carefully selected some fascinating Kenyan influencers for you to check out.

Esther Akoth Akothee

Diana Marua Bahati

Amber Ray

DJ Sadic

Berhane Lucia


Esther Macharia
Ola Wanserska
Maureen Waititu
Dorea Chege
Dr. King’ori
Jackie Matubia
Arrow Bwoy
Adelle Onyango
Sharon Mundia
La belle fashions
David The Student
Nana Owiti
Don Krg Lobos
Bridget Shighadi
Wabosha Maxine
Backyard Shoez
Jacque Maribe
Tracy Wanjiru
Jacquey ‘Wilbroda’ Nyaminde


Fashion Police


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