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Types Of Dandruff And How To Treat Them

Posted On : June 22, 2018

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It starts slowly. Your black clothes are the first to be banished. Then comes the embarrassment. The awkward dance of your hands with your hair – tucking it behind your ears, rolling it up in a bun, spreading it out strategically to conceal those pesky white flakes that lay beneath. Dandruff.


Ask anyone around you what hair condition they are most wary of getting and a majority of them will give you the same answer – dandruff. This skin condition that is mainly characterized by white flakes is also accompanied by symptoms like inflammation and an itchy scalp. And although it is a frustrating hair condition to have, the good news is that it is treatable. But before you start any treatment, it is important that you figure out what type of dandruff you have to nip the problem in the bud.

Different Types Of Dandruff

1. Dry Skin-Related Dandruff

Dandruff often develops on people who generally have dry skin. This dry skin could be a result of winter months or not shampooing your hair regularly. People with curly hair also suffer from a drier scalp than other hair types. Using sulfate shampoos that create a lot of foam can also cause and aggravate dry skin-related dandruff.

Symptoms: A feeling of tightness on your scalp and small, round, white flakes of dandruff falling from your head.

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