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Uganda Singer Sheebah Karungi Launches Reusable Sanitary Holic Pads  

Posted On : March 11, 2020

Oscar Alochi


The venture launched on Women’s Day is Dubbed ‘Holic Pads’, at UMA Showgrounds held where the prestigious Diamond Potential Women’s, Sheebah Karungi has gone the entrepreneurial way. On Sunday the self-styled Swag Mama launched a new sanitary pad product named Holic Pads.

“I come from a less privileged background as a little girl. I got my first period at the age of 13. I remember my very first day on my menstrual cycle, my mother cut a piece of cloth for me to use. And I remember going to school and seeing other girls using the pads that my family and I couldn’t afford and thinking of how privileged they were. Fast forward, later on I left home started working as a dancer, I gained a little income just enough for me to finally afford the pads for myself.

But I remember my first pads I used would burn me and leave a lot of discomfort. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also had an odd scent to them. At first, I thought maybe I am just allergic to that brand because I naturally have allergies. So, my instinct was to switch to another brand and yet same thing happened, and I was left with no option. Later on, in life (2007) when I joined the obsessions singing group, I learned about tampons because my then manager would not let us perform on stage with pads on. At that time, I was 16 going to 17 and ever since then I never really used pads again because each and every time, they would burn me and leave me irritated. So I paid attention to all these issues that we all find in some of the sanitary pads we use and made sure we get the best”

The launch happened at Pearl of Africa Hotel in the presence of influential women including; Barbie Kyagulanyi, Queen of Toro Best Kemigisha, Miss Uganda’s Brenda Nanyonjo, former Miss Uganda Brenda Abenakyo and many others.


At the event, Sheebah said she had been inspired by her past struggles to get pads to launch the business. “My mother could not afford pads. I would use pieces of cloth to stop the blood from crawling,” she said in the presence of her mother.

Sheebah said she had started many businesses in the past but most have failed. This one, she said, would not fail. “I am going to do everything to ensure that this works.”
Holic Pads will be manufactured and sold under the company Sheebah Establishments, Barbie Itungo congratulated Sheebah upon launching her business and called on other female celebrities to follow suit.

Content courtesy of Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team

Oscar Alochi


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