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Up close With Talansi L.R. Adriana Designer from Congo

Posted On : May 16, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Congolese designer, Adriana Talansi’s dream became reality in 2014 when she launched her first collection “Simple and Sublime” in Angola. She remains inspiring young ladies in her home country to follow their dreams especially in the fashion world by breaking barriers most designers in Congo have not dared to. Her fashion house TALANSI has become a fast rising fashion brand in Congo
Talansi L.R. Adriana she is the Creative Director of Talansi Fashion House she will showcase her “Identity” Collection at AFWN2018.

Some of Talansi Adriana Collection 

What inspired your fashion journey?
Adriana Talansi: Fashion and fashion design have always been in me since I was very young around 9 years old I think I realized my first fashion drawings

What has been your challenge as a designer in Africa?
Adriana Talansi: Trying to change the vision of people who are used to traditional cuts and make them discover African Haute Couture.

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Oscar Alochi


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