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Posted On : May 28, 2019

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What does ”Voilà” mean? Originally a french, now a universal term, “Voilà” /vwʌˈlɑ/ literally means ‘Look there!”
It is used when showing to other people something that you have just made or got and are pleased with, You can use it to call attention, to express satisfaction or to suggest an appearance as if by magic, Bold African materials, unique and modern designs, teamed with the finest yet discrete workmanship…and…Voilà!

Your wardrobe
Where Europe meets AfricaVoila has a well-defined, easily recognized style, stemming from the ability to blend modern styles and occidental influences with the beauty, timelessness and nobleness of African fabrics. Offering modern elegance that is always in keeping with current trends.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci
We value simple things, yet sophisticated and unique designs. Just because they do all the things we need easily and none of the things we don’t.

Simplicity is harmonious. This approach is deeply rooted in accurate, strikingly simple yet far from minimal styling: a trendy design featuring ongoing experimentation in shapes, teamed with the constant value of experience.

The perfect simplicity of every single Voila outfit conceals precious painstaking care for details and impeccable workmanship.

The dynamic & multitasking women line
Voià Apparel was founded with the goal of offering the modern working woman the best fitting dress or outfit she’s ever worn to the office (whatever that “office” is) and afterwards (wherever the night may take her).

The line thus includes cleanly cut, comfortable and sophisticated dresses and other apparel that instantly transform from office wear to a playful uniform for post work revelry.

And because, our customers are dynamic and creativity has no limit, our collections are one of the most rich and monthly updated with outfits that feature timeless structures and classy cuts.

Our values
~ High-Quality Standards:

We strive to provide our customers with high quality, yet unique, pieces.
Our designers and artisans adopt high standards of production with each piece they make.
~ Dispelling Stereotypes:

It is all about positive images of Africa. We focus on ensuring that its history, the talents, diversityand creativity of its people are shared wherever Voila outfits are worn. Each outfit comes with a proverb, historic fact or joke from Africa.
~ Ethical Fashion:

We only work with tailors and artisans that provide fair wages and safe work conditions to their employees.
~ Local Economic Development:

We are committed to investing in grassroots talented tailors and providing them with opportunities to expand their work.
Through their success, jobs are created and their local economies are stimulated.
~ Environmental Sustainability:

We are dedicated to using eco-friendly packaging for our pieces which are recyclable. In addition, Voilà Apparel does not use any material resulting from animal exploitation (e.g leather, fur, etc.). We rather use the highest quality of simili leather.
~ Customer Service Excellence:

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and creating an enjoyable shopping experience.

Content courtesy of Voilà & Lulà 

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