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What Makes your Skin to be Oily

Posted On : June 29, 2018

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How People love shiny hair, shiny cars and glittery jewelry! But a shiny face doesn’t receive the same appreciation. Yes, oily skin not only affects your beauty, but can be frustrating too. It can easily ruin your makeup and can be a big pain to deal with. At times, it is embarrassing too and can shatter the self-confidence. What causes oily skin? There are many people who don’t even know the reasons for oily skin and always look for the perfect solution to get rid of it.

People with oily skin often wonder what other people think about them or whether they find him/her attractive. They blame it on the greasy food they ate last night. But eating oily food has absolutely nothing to do with oily skin.

5 Causes Of Oily Skin

But, do not let oily skin keep you down and spoil your appearance. Rather, stand up and fight with it. But to fight the enemy, you got to know it well! So, here are the top 5 causes of oily skin. Put on your warrior gear, we have a battle ahead!

1. Environment

Yes, changing environment can be the major reason behind your oily skin. Excess humidity or moisture causes your skin to sweat and makes it oily. To combat this problem, just make sure you stay on the top of your cleansing rituals.

On humid days, you can use trustworthy facial cleansing gel which cleanses and purifies your skin completely and removes all the unhealthy impurities from it which is caused by makeup, pollution, and excessive oils.

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