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WhiteCap Crisp Introduces a Sleek 330ml Cans In Kenyan Market

Posted On : July 25, 2022

Oscar Alochi


With the release of a stylish canned beer in 330ml volume on the market, Kenya Breweries Limited has bolstered the expansion of its Whitecap Trademark. The can pack strives to provide value and convenience for consumers while adhering to the brand’s environmental commitment.

Building on WhiteCap Lager, WhiteCap Crisp beer was launched earlier in March with updated liquid flavor, new labels, and a fresh appearance.
“Consumer needs and preferences have changed such that consumers are constantly looking for things that fit into their lifestyle, have excellent taste, simplify their lives, attract their attention, and have a positive influence on the environment,” argues Ngugi Kerago, Head of Emerging Channels.

“We strive to strike a balance between the premium nature of our beers and their high value. Because it is portable, lightweight, convenient, and swiftly cools, the can is a great option. Additionally, it is more eco-friendly in terms of the environment. He added.

To appeal to aspirational drinkers who want a modern but approachable beer with premium flavor, enjoyed every day on light drinking occasions like during a meal with friends, lunch, or afternoon debriefings, WhiteCap crisp is blended with fine Kenyan ingredients. It has a clean, lighter taste, is sugar-free, and is of high quality.

KBL’s Marketing Manager for the Beer Category, Catherine Ndungu, commented during the immersion session: “We are optimistic that the innovation will be equally successful with our consumers and will help grow the category.
We intend to establish ourselves as a key player in the local beer market and beyond by producing aspirational beers that are convenient and dependably tasty. We are also providing a solution for the moderators who are always looking for drinks that have low alcohol content, no added sugar, and are available in the smallest size that they find most appealing.

Craft beer in cans is a more and more popular option everywhere in the world. Research shows that consumer trends and attitudes toward packaging are what are driving this format’s explosive expansion.

Because they are portable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly, consumers adore cans.
WhiteCap is the top local mass premium brand with premium qualities of the highest caliber while remaining grounded in regional values. Its admiration has a long history and may be traced to pre- and post-colonial times. It was first mostly drank by white settlers before being embraced by Kenyan elites.

The suggested retail price (RRP) for the new WhiteCap Crisp is Ksh. 180 for a returnable bottle (RGB) and Ksh. 200 for a can. It is best savored on casual drinking situations like lunch with friends, afternoon debriefings, or mealtimes.
According to CCF data, 62% of consumers say that leading a healthy lifestyle is vital. Of this group, 43% make an effort to limit their alcohol consumption, and 45% look for “genuine and natural” in the food and beverages they choose.

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Oscar Alochi


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