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Women Entrepreneurs Who Influence Beauty Industry In Africa 

Posted On : August 13, 2013

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Africa  has come of age where we appreciate our own beauty products, In the world of beauty and wellness, there is a huge interest right now in products and services that celebrate the essence of Africa’s unique natural resources and ingredients, whilst at the same time harnessing traditional skills and up-to-the-minute knowledge of leading women innovators in the industry. These game-changers are changing the face of the beauty and wellness industry in Africa, and creating fabulous new, proudly African products and brands in the process that the world wants to buy and use. Some of the names and brands are well-known – others are new to the scene – but all of them are capturing the imaginations of consumers across the continent, and indeed the world below are some of 30 Women Entrepreneurs Changing the Face of the Beauty and Wellness Industry in Africa.

  1. Suzie Wokabi – Founder of Suzie Beauty Ltd – Kenya
  2. Charlyn Kentaro – The Good Hair Collective – Uganda
  3. Upendo Shuma​​​​​​​ – Founder Lavie Makeup Studio
    ​​​​​​​ – Tanzania 
  4. Linda Gieskes Mwamba – Suki Suki Naturals – South Africa
  5. Tara Fela-Durotoye – Founder of House of Tara – Nigeria
  6. Terryanne Chebet – Founder of Keyara Organics – Kenya
  7. Shereen Makhanye – Founder of Nubian Nature (Pty) Ltd – South Africa
  8. Tamarind Nott – Founder of Mbiri Natural Skincare – Namibia
  9. Getty Choenyana – Founder of Oamobu Naturals – South Africa
  10. Korkor Kugblenu – Founder of The Body Butter Company – Ghana
  11. Kerryne Krause Neufeldt – Founder of Eye Slices – South Africa
  12. Leila Janah – Founder and CEO of LXMI​​​​​​​ –Uganda
  13. Thokozile Mangwiro – Founder of Nyla Naturals – South Africa
  14. Yolanda Methvin – Founder of LithaFlora – South Africa
  15. Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan – Founders of Oh Lief – South Africa
  16. Eunice Cofie – Founder of Nuekie – United States
  17. Jesslynn Schlam – Founder of Lulu & Marula – South Africa
  18. Zeze Oriaikhi Sao – Founder of Malee Natural Science – South Africa
  19. Tanya du Bois – Founder of Naturals Beauty – South Africa
  20. Zikhona Tefu – Founder of O’live – South Africa
  21. Sarah Taylor – Bee Balmy – South Africa
  22. Bukky George – HealthPlus Limited and CasaBella International – Nigeria
  23. Florence Adepoju – MDMFlow – Nigeria/Britain
  24. Leslie Okoye – Cookie Skin – Nigeria
  25. Ego Iwegbu-Daley – Miss Salon London – South Africa
  26. Ngozi Opara – Heat Free Hair – Nigeria
  27. Rahama Wright – Shea Yeleen – Ghana/US
  28. Joycee Awojoodu – Oriki Group – Nigeria
  29. Banke Meshida-Lawal – BM Pro – Nigeria
  30. Leonette Galliano – Wema Bodycare – South Africa


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