Tuesday 21st of May 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

Fiona Okwisa Ambuka, aka Little Miss Kenya 2022, Is Ready To Take On The World.

Fiona Okwisa Ambuka, aka Little Miss Kenya 2022, Is Ready To Take On The World. She won Little Miss Kenya 2022, but her modelling journey has just begun, and she agreed to talk to the Nairobi Fashion Hub about herself and why she loves being a model.

1 . Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a model, a dancer. I do taekwondo and swimming, and I love myself so much. 


2. What’s your favourite colour and why?

 White- because white is peaceful and pure.


3. What’s your favourite cartoon and why? 

 Frozen because of the love Elsa has for her sister. 


4. When was the first time that you knew about modelling?

 I was 5 years old.


5. When did you fall in love with the idea of being a model?

I love fashion so much, and that drew me so much to be a supermodel.



6. Who taught you how to model?

My mum & I always train together and do my projects together. She is my best support system.


7. Which other fashion titles have you won apart from Little Miss Kenya 2022?

I have won the following titles:

  • Mini Miss Face Of Nakuru 2021
  • Mini Miss Junior Idol Kenya 2021
  • Mini Miss Pink Reborn Kenya 2022
  • Miss Gorgeous And Cool 2022
  • Little Miss Environment Kenya, 1st Runner Up 2022.
  • Mini Miss Kenya Nakuru County 2022


8. What is Little Miss Kenya about?

It’s a kid’s modelling competition for kids between 3 and 17years from all 47counties of Kenya. They come together and contest for the main title.


9. Did you have fun competing in Little Miss Kenya?

Yes, I enjoyed meeting new friends and socialising with them, and I also learned a lot from all the different cultures in Kenya.


10. What helped you win the Little Miss Kenya competition?

The grace of God and a lot of training in my confidence, discipline and belief in myself.


11. How do you prepare for modelling competitions?

 I do a lot of training and believe in myself.


12. What’s your favourite thing about being a model?

When you win, it feels so nice and wearing beautiful dresses, and I love being in front of cameras. 


13. Have you faced any challenges in the modelling industry?

A lot, but mostly money has been one of them, sometimes we have to walk to town for competition because we don’t have transport, other times I can’t afford some beautiful dresses and many things. 


14. What keeps you motivated?

My mum never gives up on me, and she’s my biggest support system. She’s always by my side with my little brother Sam. 



15. What do you do in your free time or over the holidays to have fun or relax?

I love dancing, watching movies with my brother, swimming, visiting my grandmother in shags, and reading Bible stories.


16. What would you say to inspire other kids interested in the fashion & modelling industry?

Mine is to the parents, and please support your kids to be the best they can be.


17. Which modelling competitions are you excited to participate in, in the future?

Next year march, I’m representing Kenya in Malaysia for the Little Miss/Mr United World. I’m so excited, because “nitapanga ndege.” And it will be my first time.


18. Which models do you look up to you and why? 

Zozibinia is from South Africa; she is very beautiful and confident and fights for women’s rights. 


19. Do you want to be a professional model when you grow up?

Yes, very much.