Monday 27th of May 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

North Devon fashion brand is helping to fight Coronavirus in African countries

A not-for-profit fashion brand based in North Devon has donated more than £3,500 to help the fight against coronavirus in African countries.

Origin, founded by Alice and Tom Cracknell from Woolacombe, is helping African communities fight the spread of Covid-19 with its Every Single Penny campaign.

Origin has always donated 100 per cent of its profits to humanitarian projects in Gambia, Ethiopia, Mali and more recently, Togo.

But in response to the global pandemic the husband-and-wife-team have upped their donations to include 100 per cent of all revenue from every garment sold.

The money will be donated in the form of cash grants to enable projects in each country to purchase PPE locally, provide improved sanitation and help educate communities.

Origin has already donated £3,500 and counting since the beginning of April.

Alice said: “While the UK continues its lockdown, the pandemic is only touching the surface in Africa and it is a sad fact that with less resources the repercussions there will be much greater than those we face here.

“We felt it was extremely important, now more than ever, to continue in our support of communities in developing countries which is why we’ve launched Every Single Penny.

Origin has donated all revenue from every garment sold during April. Find out more at originafrica.co.uk or @origin_africa on Instagram.

Content courtesy of Origin Africa