Friday 14th of June 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

Yes, You… It’s Your Year

2018 is here unless you’ve been living on an island or you don’t really care…

Nothing is new under the sun.

Whatever you’re thinking of, someone else has already done it.

Life is a hamster wheel.

Each year, people love new mantras on making life better. Some seem sensible (listen more, talk less), others are expected (join the gym), unusual or just wrong (have baby mamas from different races).

Motivational stuff always happens.

You can’t close your eyes and avoid. At times, something really bad happens to you and you tell yourself that you’re done with emotions. That, you’re simply going to stop caring. Till that spirits just bits you again and you get yourself a new mantra.

It’s like a drug and you get high on your own supply even if cute babies don’t get to you emotionally. Smiling harder & overlooking infractions. Trying to be nice and keep the peace. Sometimes, it’s tiring always being the frank & earnest one. Whilst, others are talking about how your BFFs guy will change by faith and she just needs to tough it out. Whereas, you reason that a rat will always remain a rat.

Don’t you love phrases like?

‘You can do it(full of fluidity and vagueness)… It’s your year (technically, you’ve been alive all the other years before)… Love yourself first(Is it really optional?)… Do something, become something (ummh, yeah- sic).

Cash will fall like manna from heaven (don’t we all wish for cash?). Karma never forgets (Are you sure about that). You’ll sleep in a Probox and wake up in a Bugatti (Are you an American hip-hop rapper?) .’

Yes, you… It’s your year

It’s everyone’s year since we’re all here.

However, lots of people will try to bring you down. Certainly, they’ll try to remind you of physics. What goes up, must come down.

Truly, your happiness makes them nauseous & they just don’t know how to handle all that goodness. Notably, they’re melting in your glow because it’s thawing their negativity.

Reiterate your mantra & block the naysayers.

It’s my year & I’m going to live it.

Say it nice and early before life throws curveballs and you wonder whom you crossed.

Spoon yourself a nice scoop of chocolate ice-cream, drizzle some Amarula cream on top and pour mixed nuts on top. Then, sit back in your chair and relax. Of course, you’ll smile as your savour the cold, creamy goodness on your tongue.

Let life be a little happy before it all goes downhill and you wonder out loud.

What did I do wrong today? Alternatively, why can’t it be as good as yesterday? On the other hand, was I really that awful?