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Sifucha Football Academy (SIFA) Incredible Football Journey Is Inspiring The Next Generation In Busia County

The Inspiring Journey Of Sifucha Football Club In this age of instant rewards and gratification, it is often too easy for youngsters to give up on their footballing dreams at the first sign of trouble that a different case at the club, It’s something that should inspire a lot of young players that are out there that don’t have the attributes of those who have been playing at the highest level since they were 18.

The Idea

Behind SIFA was a small group of boys who we came across by the roadside earl 2018 playing with a ball they had skillfully crafted by wrapping pieces of nylon papers into rags and fastening the rags into a round shape using pieces of manila strings on our walk around our village, Sifucha.

The game was so fun that we became spectators without knowing it. We were amazed by the moves and dribbles by most of the junior players despite them being barefooted and with neither a trainer nor a playground.
This was however shortly before the government imposed a ban on the use of nylon papers in the country. The ban meant that the boys wouldn’t be able to make a new ball since the other was already torn and the materials that would make a new one were now illegal.

A few days later we had a case of some of the boys plucking young pumpkins and just kicking them around. The entire village was mad at these crop ‘destroyers’.
When I talked to the boy he admitted it and said it was because they did not have a ball to play with. The boy asked me if I could get them a cheap plastic ball to play with since it was fun.
A Project
I did not give the kid a response but when he kept nagging and almost going on his knees I was moved but there was nothing I could do as such because, for one, the plastic ball was not as ‘cheap’ as it sounded and two, it was fragile enough to burst after a few kicks and they would be at my back again for new balls. When the kid was not going away I promised him to think about it.
But amazingly the next day he was at my doorstep together with his mates inquiring of my thoughts. They also wanted me to be their coach if I bought them the ball.
The determination of these kids really amazed me and I thought if we had such a portion of kids approach me for the ball then there must be some more that were afraid to speak up or just had no channels to communicate. I contacted my sons and we organized for the ball.
On that day it was fun again. But as I had known before, our fragile plastic ball was disappointing.
Once again we needed a new ball, though it could be played for the next about two games. Each day more kids kept coming and in no time we had a team of about 100 players of both genders which we divided into four teams under 10, under 14, under 16, and under 18. The field became smaller and more dangerous since it was by the roadside being used by motorists, so we needed a new and bigger playground.
Due to the increasing number of youngsters one ball would not be enough, more balls would be of help, Once again I was onto my sons for these,

That was when the SIFA project was born, We took into account the boots, training kits, academy management and trainers, referees, balls, and a playground. Together with friends, we approached the Busibi primary and secondary schools management for playgrounds which they accepted but only if students were out of school.

This budget cannot be afforded by my family and that is why we are on the run looking for sponsors and donors like you.

Any donations towards the achievement of any of the above would be highly appreciated from financial to material support. Any support that is geared to growing these young talents is highly welcome.

The Impact

When the SIFA idea was being crafted we thought it would only be of help to the six boys that we’re championing for the balls, little did we know that it would be a big project with a greater impact than we impacted.

The SIFA project is now nurturing the talents of about 100 footballers though we intend a bigger goal and diversify the sports to beyond football the kids are happy with the move and the society and the leadership is in support since the society allow the kids to the ground and the leadership occasionally organize for tournaments which we’ve been winning anyway. We also realized that we had individuals who are trained coaches and referees but were at home and had no platform to practice their skills.

At least they now have the ground to practice their profession. Since coaches are enrolled in the training of the juniors and referees authorize the games. Most importantly we have helped recognize great leadership skills from some of the local individuals who help us in the management of the academy. The juniors can also organize themselves and have training among themselves with minimal or no supervision, a move we are encouraging.

Our main aim is to create a safe space that provides the youths with valuable tools to make a difference in their own lives. “Giving children and young people a sporting chance”

Any support that is geared toward growing these young talents is highly welcome.
M-Pesa Paybill: 891300
Account Number: 34303

Email: sifuchafootballacademy@gmail.com

Charles Alochi
Founder & Club Patron
Sifucha Football Academy (SIFA) Busia County

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Yes, You… It’s Your Year

2018 is here unless you’ve been living on an island or you don’t really care…

Nothing is new under the sun.

Whatever you’re thinking of, someone else has already done it.

Life is a hamster wheel.

Each year, people love new mantras on making life better. Some seem sensible (listen more, talk less), others are expected (join the gym), unusual or just wrong (have baby mamas from different races).

Motivational stuff always happens.

You can’t close your eyes and avoid. At times, something really bad happens to you and you tell yourself that you’re done with emotions. That, you’re simply going to stop caring. Till that spirits just bits you again and you get yourself a new mantra.

It’s like a drug and you get high on your own supply even if cute babies don’t get to you emotionally. Smiling harder & overlooking infractions. Trying to be nice and keep the peace. Sometimes, it’s tiring always being the frank & earnest one. Whilst, others are talking about how your BFFs guy will change by faith and she just needs to tough it out. Whereas, you reason that a rat will always remain a rat.

Don’t you love phrases like?

‘You can do it(full of fluidity and vagueness)… It’s your year (technically, you’ve been alive all the other years before)… Love yourself first(Is it really optional?)… Do something, become something (ummh, yeah- sic).

Cash will fall like manna from heaven (don’t we all wish for cash?). Karma never forgets (Are you sure about that). You’ll sleep in a Probox and wake up in a Bugatti (Are you an American hip-hop rapper?) .’

Yes, you… It’s your year

It’s everyone’s year since we’re all here.

However, lots of people will try to bring you down. Certainly, they’ll try to remind you of physics. What goes up, must come down.

Truly, your happiness makes them nauseous & they just don’t know how to handle all that goodness. Notably, they’re melting in your glow because it’s thawing their negativity.

Reiterate your mantra & block the naysayers.

It’s my year & I’m going to live it.

Say it nice and early before life throws curveballs and you wonder whom you crossed.

Spoon yourself a nice scoop of chocolate ice-cream, drizzle some Amarula cream on top and pour mixed nuts on top. Then, sit back in your chair and relax. Of course, you’ll smile as your savour the cold, creamy goodness on your tongue.

Let life be a little happy before it all goes downhill and you wonder out loud.

What did I do wrong today? Alternatively, why can’t it be as good as yesterday? On the other hand, was I really that awful?


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