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Nairobi, Kenya

Father’s Day: The Scottish Highland Distillery Glenmorangie Celebrates Father’s Day

Nairobi June 16th, 2022, Glenmorangie, a Scottish Highland distillery, held an exclusive single malt tasting event in Nairobi’s Sankara neighborhood, bringing together powerful fathers who are whisky enthusiasts.

The purpose of the event was to celebrate Father’s Day by immersing guests in Glenmorangie’s sophisticated refinement, a layered complexity that gives depth and substance to the compelling sensory tasting experience.

“Mr. Alexandre Helaine Moet Hennessy, Market Manager, Eastern Africa,” said Mr. Alexandre Helaine Moet Hennessy during his remarks at the occasion “We’ve been honing our skill at Glenmorangie for 179 years in our pursuit of the best whiskies.
We want to create immersive brand experiences by giving us the freedom to tell our tales and share our whisky with individuals looking to try Glenmorangie, Scotland’s Smoothest Single Malt Whisky.”

The tasting allowed whisky enthusiasts to participate in Glenmorangie’s incredible journey, as well as write and share stories based on their own experiences.


“Our father’s words of wisdom and advise shape who we are.
They instill in us the confidence to confront both the good and the terrible in our lives. We invite everyone who has been inspired by a parent or father figure to share their story as a brand because fathers deserve respect and gratitude.” “Mr. Helaine threw in his two cents’ worth.

Glenmorangie encourages you to raise a glass and participate in the discourse by sharing your favorite memories of your father or father figure.

About Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie has been lovingly distilled since 1843. William Matheson, our founder, was a visionary and a perfectionist.
He created a single malt whisky that is unparalleled in terms of delicacy, smoothness, and flavor complexity.
The dish is deceptively easy, but the level of attention to detail is incredible. We make an exquisite mash by marrying the clean mineral-rich waters of the Tarlogie Springs with local golden Scottish barley, which we distill in Scotland’s tallest malt whiskey stills to produce a purer, smoother whisky.
The necks alone are the height of a fully-grown adult male giraffe at 5.24 meters (nearly 16 feet).

What is the advantage of this fixation with height?
Only the finest and lightest vapors condense into our spirit, which we age in Missouri White Oak barrels. (It will take at least ten years.) These carefully selected casks, made from 100-year-old trees and seasoned for another two years after felling, provide a hue and a creamy smoothness of flavor that is complete perfection.
There are, of course, easier and faster ways to produce whisky.
There are many other single malts. However, once you’ve had a taste of Glenmorangie, you’ll never want to try anything else since we are adamant about how our whisky is made, no matter how much time or money it takes.

Drinking in Moderation:
The Glenmorangie Company promotes safe drinking and recommends that whisky lovers enjoy Glenmorangie whiskies in moderation and in accordance with daily alcohol consumption standards.

Content Courtesy of African Elite PR & NFH