Friday 30th of September 2022

Nairobi, Kenya

On Africa’s Largest Red Carpet And With The Theme “The Awakening,” The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2022 Recognize And Honor African Fashion Industry Leaders.

Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards 2022 Categories Released.

In Uganda, Kampala (19th September 2022). The timer has started counting down to Africa’s greatest fashion event! We are thrilled to present the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2022’s official categories today.
The new ASFAs 8th edition categories, which are categorized into 5 aspects, honor a new era of fashion and reflect the new satiety in the creative African fashion field. The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2022 will be broadcast LIVE from the Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday, December 16, 2022.

“Africa has gained a new type of synergy over the past two years. According to ASFAs CEO Brian Ahumuza, this year’s theme, The Awakening, “suggests we are going into a new wave of undeniable African excellence.” “We have envisioned and reenvisioned the occasion.
To honor how far we have gone and where we are heading, the 2022 ASFAs will bring together game-changing players from the past, present, and future on one red carpet and in one space.

Below is an explanation of the 5 category elements;

  • Honorary Awards:- These are the most prestigious awards given in recognition of individuals with extraordinary achievements and exceptional contributions to the African fashion industry. Honorary Awards are not voted for by the public, they are designated by the ASFA Board.


  • Designer Awards:- The designer awards honour creative excellence in the business of fashion design. The Awards celebrate brands, businesses and personalities that have significantly advanced the fashion industry through their work. The award winners are decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA Board.


  • Fashion Awards:- The fashion awards categories celebrate visionaries who have become major drivers in fashion by fostering business and public perception through innovative approaches to fashion, style and design. The award winners are decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA Board.


  • Music in Fashion:- The Music in Fashion award categories focus on the fashionable aspect of the music industry. The awards emphasize the role of fashion in music and celebrate those who have creatively merged both worlds. The award winners are decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA Board.


  • Fashion Personalities:- The awards honour personalities for their futuristic approach to fashion through the way they have presented themselves. The award winners will be decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA board.

The winners of the “Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards” 2022 awards are chosen in part by the general public and the ASFA Voting Academy, which is made up of a distinguished group of fashion industry experts in the fields of modeling, fashion design, film, public relations, influencers, and creative arts.
The full list of ASFA 2022 categories is here;

Honorary Awards
1. Life Time Achievement Award
2. Icon Award
3. ASFA Visionary Award
4. Award for Positive Change
5. Best Fashion Business Contributor Diaspora
6. Trailblazer Award
7. Fashion Influencer Award

Designer Awards
8. Designer of the Year Africa – AFRICA & UGANDA
9. African Fashion Brand of the Year – AFRICA
10. Business Maverick of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA
11. Model of the Year – AFRICA
12. Emerging Designer of the Year Menswear – AFRICA
13. Emerging Designer of the Year Womenswear – AFRICA
14. Beauty Brand of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA
15. Emerging Fashion Brand – UGANDA

Fashion Awards
16. Makeup Artist of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA
17. Hair Artist of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA
18. Stylist of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA
19. Image Maker of the Year – AFRICA
20. Fashion Journalism Excellence Award – AFRICA

Music In Fashion Awards
21. Fashionable Music Video Award – AFRICA & UGANDA
22. Stylish Artist of the Year – MALE & FEMALE | AFRICA & UGANDA

Fashion Personalities Awards
24. Fashionista of the Year – MALE & FEMALE | AFRICA & UGANDA
25. Best Dressed Guest – ALL GUESTS PRESENT
26. Most Stylish Personality – MALE & FEMALE | AFRICA & UGANDA

The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2022, with the theme “The Awakening,” honor and celebrate African fashion industry leaders on Africa’s largest red carpet.
The general audience is requested to go at the aforementioned awards and consider which category best reflects their interests.
Nominations will open soon; check Abryanz official channels frequently for updates.

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East African-inspired Luxury Streetwear Is Brought To “Fusion” By Mn Designers.

Numerous regional designers are featured in “Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs Presents Fusion,” a haute fashion show that fuses traditional and modern styles.
MINNEAPOLIS “Fashion has always been a passion of mine.”

Ramadhan “Rammy” Mohamed, the founder of Ramadhan Designs and one of the two designers emceeing Thursday’s Fusion event for Fashion Week MN, claims that she was first motivated to pursue her love while a young girl by seeing her uncle sew clothing for women in East Africa.

Mohamed, an Oromo immigrant who now resides in St. Paul, is prepared to debut her most recent line of couture garments with an East African flair. She warns that the new decline will likely be “unexpected.”

Very seductive but timeless. You’ll most likely see a lot of crop tops and fabric manipulation, said Mohamed.
Mike Byers, the creator of the upscale streetwear brand Energy Gear, will collaborate with Mohamed on this occasion. Byers said he believes the term for which he called his business manifests in his creations.

“I believe that the word ‘energy’ denotes a great deal. It denotes wellbeing and good health. It represents who you are and who you associate with. It denotes what you think and how you behave as well as what you allow to enter your thoughts.
I think it stands for a lot of things,” Byers added.

The Thursday presentation will include a fusion of the two design houses’ individual aesthetics, displaying Byers’ contemporary and futuristic streetwear alongside Mohamed’s exquisite, intricate, and ecological couture.

The event will take place at Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis among premium vehicles as a parallel to the classic-modern idea.

Old school, antique automobiles still have a lot of value, according to Byers, but there are also brand-new, ultra-modern, ultra-futuristic, fast cars that are valuable.
The street representation in the current automobiles and the couture representation in the vintage, old-school cars, I believe, is another element that we want to use and highlight.

Mohamed, who this year produced a collection that was 100% waste-free, is thrilled to share her concept for sustainability through a beautiful mashup of fine fabrics in unusual hues and textures. She claims that not a single piece of cloth was wasted. She hopes that her designs would strike a chord with her neighbors. She has drawn inspiration throughout her adult life from “a child at the State Fair” to “someone across the world in East Africa.”

I attended fashion school because I wanted to give Minnesotans options and apparel, she added. Very stylish, cozy, and, of course, perfectly suited to Minnesota’s climate. I wish to contribute in some way to the revitalization of art production in our city for the benefit of our people.

Although the apparel is what is being displayed at Fusion, Byers continues, the designers couldn’t have brought their collections to life without assistance from the community.

This is how genuine cooperation between communities, our demographics, and our variety looks like, he remarked. “We work with models of all ages and sizes. We simply like to demonstrate what actual community collaboration looks like because that’s the vibe we want to project.
Fusion by Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs kicks off on Thursday at 6 p.m. with beverages, a pop-up store, and a DJ. Beginning at 7 o’clock comes the fashion show with Energy Gear, Ramadhan Designs, Rashidat Akangbe Enifeni, Venci, and Generation Bliss.

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African Fashion: South African clothing retailers are reducing their reliance on Chinese imports.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICAN — Major retail chains all around the country are increasingly putting labels on clothing with images of the South African flag. It’s an endeavor to support the textile and apparel industry in the nation.

According to the government, approximately 60% of the textiles sold by South African merchants are imported, with China accounting for the majority of these imports.

Retailers who have endorsed a government master plan to assist small companies in their community claim that there are more advantages besides merely employment development.

“Being able to have the goods created locally means that you can actually adapt to what the client requires more efficiently, which is really what any shop wants to move towards more quickly response,” said Hazel Pillay, general manager of retailer Pick & Pay Clothing.

Pick n Pay Clothing is one of the merchants boosting its supplies of locally based goods from 28% in 2019 to 40% in the present, along with Woolworth’s, Mr. Price, and Truworth’s. Following the worldwide trade disruptions brought on by the coronavirus epidemic as well as record unemployment, the change is currently gathering momentum.

A young designer named Katekani Moreku who was brought in to help with the project said, “It gave me a lot of attention and provided me a lot of publicity. I believe that it will have a significant impact that will increase the number of jobs for all generations in the times we currently live in when there is a very high rate of unemployment.

In 2020, according to Moreku’s estimation, his partnership with Pick n Pay generated roughly 1,000 jobs throughout the manufacturing and digital marketing sectors.

The goal of the South African government is to create 121,000 new textile jobs by 2030, and this is what they want to achieve.

More funding is required.
However, merchants warn it will necessitate spending on entrepreneur assistance and skill-training, including Pick n Pay’s Pillay.

“Yes, the talents were easily accessible before the 2000s, “added Pillay. “And as [manufacturing] shifted to China, investments in machinery and talent development all but vanished. However, I believe that if we looked at the state of the local economy in another 10 years, we would see a revival in some of that type of locally produced goods.

The retailer wants to source 60% of all textile products locally during the next five years, so that growth is required.

However, analysts caution that simply establishing quotas and targets won’t be sufficient to revive the business.
According to Dawie Roodt, chief economist for financial services company Efficient Group, “the government needs to become much more efficient if you want to have more investments in textile and more localization in textile, or any industry for that matter. Make sure, for instance, that the infrastructure is in good working order, that investing in South Africa is safe, and similar things.

Local manufacturers are unable to produce and deliver goods due to frequent power outages and deteriorating rails.

Additionally, there are also real-world obstacles to reducing the $3 billion trade deficit between China and South Africa.

“Remember that they have scale economies, “added Roodt. “South Africa is a small nation in comparison to China. Therefore, I don’t think we’ll be able to compete very well.

But for aspiring designers, even a slight improvement in the regional economy offers promise for the future.

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African Fashion: Meet The Skilled Lebanese-Ivorian Designer Blending Lebanese And African Cultures

A young designer from Lebanon named Renwa Yassin grew up in Ivory Coast. In her designs, she incorporates motifs from the two nations that make up her personality, showcasing her dual culture back and forth.

The designer, who was born in Africa and has Lebanese ancestry, infuses each of her works with a distinctive flair in an effort to forge a solid and enduring connection between her two cultures and the worlds of fashion.

Using motifs taken from both the African and the Mediterranean surroundings, Yassin investigates fashion as a means of bridging Lebanon and the Ivory Coast.
In 2019, she made the decision to expand on her multi-cultural creative expression and launched her own fashion label, RNWA YASSN, where she designs wardrobes with cutting-edge cuts and subtle cross-cultural influences.

According to her, the brand “is the key to increasing creative conversations leading to a more sustainable way of working in the fashion business.” She thus supports the sector by selling eco-designs made by regional weavers and artisans at ateliers in Beirut and Abidjan.
Additionally, RNWA YASSN makes use of raffia, which is made from palm trees, organic cotton, linen, Tencel, recycled polyester, and natural dyes made from fruits, plants, and vegetables.

Renwa Yassin was a Finalist for the Ready-to-Wear category of the 2022 Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) Prize in July 2022.

She is getting ready to present her works in front of the FTA judges in October 2022 together with the other 23 rising designers from the area.

Today, prominent fashion and lifestyle publications like Vogue Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia regularly showcase Renwa’s gorgeous designs, recognizing her as a brilliant up-and-coming artist.

The secret to improving creative discussions that result in a more environmentally friendly method of operating in the fashion industry.

“RNWA YASSN, who was born and reared in Africa and has Lebanese ancestry, is familiar with the connections between the two cultures. The designer’s dedication to placing cultural heritage at the center of her maison was inspired by the proverb “Cultures have no bounds.”

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African Fashion: The Gateway to Style, Innovation, and Trends | October 14th & 15th | Join the 10th Anniversary edition of African Fashion and Design Week 2022.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of African Fashion and Design Week (AFDW), organized by Bluepearl Services International, will take place in Lagos, Nigeria on October 14 and 15, 2022, at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island. Previous editions have been held in New York, Los Angeles, Nairobi, and Lagos. The 10th Anniversary Edition promises to be even better than the previous years’ successes.

Through African Fashion and Design Week, Bluepearl Services International has been showcasing Africa in the best possible light for the past ten (10) years. This has been done, among other things, by establishing venues for networking and celebrating one another in the African fashion industry.

In order to preview the looks that will define the continent’s fashion trends, African Fashion and Design Week annually attracts foreign stockists, tourists, fashion entrepreneurs, super models, industry professionals, local and international journalists, and more.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of AFDW, with the theme “Imagine, Inspire, Ignite,” will highlight the best in international fashion and design as well as the magnificence of Africa via the vision of its fashion designers. It will consist with

• Runway Showcase with collections from leading established and emerging designers across Africa, Europe and USA
• The annual African Icon of Hope Awards
• The Business of Fashion Seminar
• The Trade exhibition.

African Fashion and Design Week (AFDW) was founded by Queengold D. Sekibo with the goal of establishing opportunities for networking and celebrating one another in the African fashion industry.
Give up-and-coming designers the tools they need to build a solid brand that will enable them to support themselves and open up work prospects and global promotion of African fashion

The events on the AFDW calendar include:
Young talents get the chance to study the fundamentals of creating a fashion brand, how to make a sustainable living, and what opportunities are accessible in the fashion sector at the Business of Fashion Seminar.
The locations of these lectures include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, and Togo.
Awards for African Icons of Hope: acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of designers who have helped to make Africa a fashion hotspot.

Runway Showcase:
Displays designs by eminent, established and up-and-coming African designers.

Trade Shows:
Give buyers and consumers vital networking opportunities.
To preview the looks that will define the continent’s fashion trends, African Fashion and Design Week annually attracts a large number of guests, fashion entrepreneurs, buyers, industry professionals, and local & international media.

Photo Credit
Model: Grace Modi (Sudan/USA)
Designer: Londa Msanii (USA)
Makeup Artist: CE Eaton (USA)
Photographer: Darron Whitsett (USA)
Photo Assistant: Nyasia Wilson & Cindy (USA)
Jewelry: London Smith (USA) Wrapped with Love Jewelry

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The annual Prestigious Fashion Awards in Kenya And these are the Nominees for the Kenyan Fashion Awards 2022.

Kenya Fashion Awards, a prestigious trade mark invention that was registered in 2013, is an award-winning program that aims to identify, support, and reward the most brilliant individuals working in the fashion industry.
It is the creation of Galina Ngau and Atman Ngau Kyule, two fashion entrepreneurs and mentors (A Renowned Kenyan Fashion Designer) A multi-day branded entertainment platform that offers activities and chances for students, young professionals, and seasoned professionals in the fashion business to display their best work is a globally recognized invention.

Designer of the Year 2022
1. Boguk
2. Native Woman (@the_native_woman)
3. Ikojn
4. Nato
5. Nimz

Stylist of The Year 2022
1. Zafar
2. Sally (@istyle.ke )
3. Melisa Gold
4. Diana Mwelesa (@uncommon_rebel)
5. Sharon Otieno (@sharonotienostyles)

Fashion Photographer of the Year 2022
1. Zafran Manji
2. Keef
3. Kuyoh
4. Deco Abdi (@deco_abdi)
5. Aggrey Ojiambo (@aggreyojiambo)

Makeup Artist of the Year 2022
1. Lucy Musyoka
2. Kytah Shah
3. Stephanie Cherono (@stephaniecherono)
4. Face Fab (@facefab_)
5. Dennis Karuri (@_denniskaruri)

Curvy Model (Plus Size) 2022
1. Evelyne Njeri
2. Edith Wekesa
3. Shamsa Sheila
4. Kay Iradukunda (@misskay.iradukunda)
5. Yvonne Obati (@yvonneobati)

Male Model of the Year 2022
1. Lucas Ogutu
2. Kenson Njagi (@kenson_kensito)
3. Eddy Jewel
4. Kirimi Thuranira (@kirimithuranira)
5. Nelson Maganga

Female Model of the Year 2022
This Award will be presented to an active Kenyan model who has contributed to the fashion
industry within the past year.

1. Jean Ojiro (@jean_ojiro)
2. Olive Sang
3. Maryanne Wairimu
4. Judy Kinuthia
5. Fauzia Hussein

Brand of the Year 2022
1. African Fabric and Designs Kenya (@africanfabricanddesignske)
2. Style by Neomi (@stylebyneomi)
3. Mambo Pambo
4. Nato Fashion House
5. Ichyulu

Jewell Designer 2022
1. Epica Jewellery (@epicajewellery)
2. Zanta Adeyde (@zanta_adeyde_)
3. Ginene by Diro (@ginene_by_diro)
4. Jiamini- Kenya
5. Ambica Shah

Wezesha Category of the Year 2022
1. Soko
2. Weaver Bird
3. Made in the Village
4. Spinners & Web
5. Refushe

Media Magazine 2022
1. Eve Magazine
2. The Star Weekend
3. The Asian Weekly
4. Sunday Magazine ( Nation)
5. Nairobian
6. People Daily

Cast your Vote Here: Kenya Fashion Awards 2022

Voting Closes on 3rd of October 2022!

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Fashion: Five Vintage Fashion Trends That Have Made a Comeback

Fashion trends change frequently over time, but the majority of them return. Trends, like fashion, are constantly changing. We have a few ’90s fashion staples that are currently popular, just as polka dots from the 1950s to the 1960s are still popular.

From mom jeans to oversized sweaters, some outfits have been endorsed by the fashion world and are making a comeback in our closets. These clothes do not have to be worn in the same way they were in the 1990s. With some creative styling, these 1990s fashions are timeless.

Jeans for Mom ( Mom’s Jeans)

You know the look: high waist, loose-fitting leg with just the right amount of taper at the ankle, rolled up and finished with a sandal or other delicate footwear. Mom jeans have returned! Mom jeans are making a comeback, which is great news for those of us who prefer a little extra room.
Skinny jeans are no longer the only type of pants on the market.
Wide-leg jeans are unquestionably the most comfortable pants for the current season.
Crop tops were previously the only clothing item worn with wide pants. They are, however, increasingly being worn with blazers.

Pants with cargo pockets (Cargo pants)

Cargo pants were first worn by the British military as part of their Battle Dress Uniforms in 1932.

These new cargo trousers are far more form-fitting and edgy than the shorts or cargo pants we were all embarrassed to wear in the 1990s! Slim-fit cargo pants can be worn with modern sneakers and graphic t-shirts for a cool, casual look.

Dresses with Corsets (Corset Dresses)

The corset, a garment that is always on the verge of making a comeback in fashion circles, has recently gained a lot more traction. Bridgerton, a period romance television series, has sparked a surge in female interest. Corsets were first fashioned from bulkier materials. Steel and bone stiffeners were added to them by the 18th century.

They were worn at the time to constrict women’s hips and breasts, giving them a cone-like appearance.
Corsets are no longer a required part of formal attire, even for the royals, so if a lady is wearing one now, it’s likely because she wants to, just as the majority of women did in the 19th century.

Cropped tops (Crop tops)

Crop tops are a popular choice for athleisure, ethnic wear, and denim pairing. We had no idea, however, that crop top fashion dates all the way back to the 1990s. Miniskirts and wide-leg pants would then be paired with crop tops.

However, we now have a large selection of clothing to match our crop tops with. Crop tops don’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Jeans with a waistband (High-waisted jeans)

This look is suitable for both men and women. High-waisted jeans have been popular again in recent years, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. These pants have remained popular throughout the ages, evolving to meet the demands of the most recent fashion trends.

We’re glad high-waisted jeans are back in style because they were popular in the 1980s.

That isn’t the only thing that has made a comeback. It goes without saying that 1990s fashion is always in style, and we’ve recently seen even more creative ways to wear these chic clothes. We will never be able to refuse a fantastic Y2K moment.

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African Fashion Model: African Supermodels Iman, Adut Akech, Anok Yai, and Alek Wek Have Been Selected for W Magazine’s 50th Anniversary Issue

Top models have officially taken over W Magazine’s 50th Anniversary Issue. In honor of the occasion, the magazine unveiled 17 captivating stars ranging from the world’s most famous names to women on the verge of total fashion dominance. Among them are four of Africa’s top models: Iman, Adut Akech, Anok Yai, and Alek Wek.

Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta, Iman, Kendall Jenner, Precious Lee, Cindy Crawford, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Christy Turlington Burns, Shalom Harlow, He Cong, Loli Bahia, Sora Choi, and Binx Walton are also on the list.

The covers were photographed by a team of photographers. Models wore a variety of stunning looks for the issue and discussed the industry’s past, present, and future.

Naomi Campbell Gives Back

First and foremost, I enjoy what I do. To have a career that actually lasts, you must. Although I don’t have a specific professional plan, I now enjoy using my platform to support up-and-coming designers.

The children I work with are not only in the well-known markets, but also in places like Africa, the Middle East, and India. Because of my reputation and my in-depth familiarity with the fashion industry, I am able to bring these children the recognition they merit. I’ve been given so much by the fashion industry, and I believe in spreading that.

Iman recalls her favorite runway moments

The trajectory of my fashion moment would not exist if it weren’t for Thierry Mugler. Many of the designers at the time were very cautious about how they wanted to present me. Yves Saint Laurent is another favorite of mine. Thierry Mugler, on the other hand, was like an MGM director. His performances were cinematic. He let me play whatever character I wanted on stage. In a world full of trends, I was always the girl who looked classic. But Mugler flipped the script and let me be a wild, African glamour girl, and editors and other designers recognized me as such.

When I first arrived in the United States, there was a widespread belief that there could only be one Black model at a time, which fostered hostility and competition among us.
But my friends and I were able to change that. I never called myself a Black woman in Somalia, where I grew up, because there was no reason to.

The entire country is dark. My identity was based on my worth. On purpose, I began making friends with Black models.
They were going to tell me who was the best photographer for us, the best hairdresser for our hair, and the best makeup artist for our skin. So we formed a tribe, and we are still that tribe.

Adut Akech discusses what drew her to modeling.

I wanted to be a model because I was always inspired by models like Naomi Campbell. One thing that surprised me was how difficult this job is. I never expected it to be easy, but you never know until you try it.

Being the second Black woman to ever end a Chanel haute couture show as the bride in 2018 was one of many remarkable milestones in my career.
Karl Lagerfeld personally selected me.
Models now have a voice thanks to social media. We can criticize brands for lacking sufficient diversity.
Everyone is being compelled to abandon their outdated practices and adopt the proper behavior, which is to include models from various backgrounds.

Anok Yai on the recent changes in the modeling industry

I was unaware that I was the first Black model to launch a Prada show since Naomi Campbell until I did so. Even after everyone congratulated me as I stepped off the runway, I was still unaware. My agency didn’t call me till after that. That was a strange encounter, and it ranks among my most significant professional experiences.

Models have had more creative freedom since the Covid pandemic. I’ve had the opportunity to creative-direct a few shoots, and I’ve realized that at this point in my career, I can be more than just a model I can be an artist. A runway show is, at its core, a collaborative effort.
As a model, you may at times feel like nothing more than a hanger. But it feels like a performance when I’m on the runway. I’ve reached a point where if you don’t give me artistic freedom, I’ll just take it.

Alek Wek discusses how her modeling approach has evolved as she has gotten older.

Everyone has a story to tell, but I believe that mine is particularly insightful into the power of perseverance. I began when I was a little child, having fled a terrible conflict in South Sudan. Alek Wek now represents diversity when you look at him. Alek Wek is accompanied by the sound of doors opening.
I never imagined I would be employed at this age, and I am grateful to my mother every day for that. It is genetics. Similar to Benjamin Button, I am. Teenagers and young adults try to talk to me!

Now I make my own decisions. I don’t have to be in a place where people treat me badly. For the first time, I’m honoring not only my work, but also myself as a human being and a woman.


Naomi Campbell
Editor-in-Chief: @saramoonves
Photography: @MertAlas & @marcuspiggot
Styling: @mr_carlos_nazario
Hair: @rio_hair
Makeup: @anglomamakeup for Pat McGrath Labs
Manicure: @robbietomkins
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Editor-in-Chief: @saramoonves
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Manicure: #BojirHasanov
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Editor-in-Chief: @saramoonves
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Styling: @ibkamara
Hair: @EugeneSouleiman
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Writer: @JennyComita
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Set Design: @mhs_artists
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Editor-in-Chief: @saramoonves
Photography: @rafaelpavarotti_
Styling: @ibkamara
Hair: @EugeneSouleiman
Makeup: @ChiaoLiHsu
Manicure: @EriHandaNail
Casting: @emperor.lee
Set Design: @mhs_artists
Studio: @hookstudiobk
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Editor-in-Chief: @saramoonves
Photography: @quillemons
Styling: @Rebeccarams
Hair: @Joeygeorge
Makeup: @MarceloGutierrez
Manicure: @JinSoonChoi
Casting: @emperor.lee

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Teaser Hoochie Dressing Is Not Appropriate for African American Women!

Let me start by stating that anyone has the sociological (not legal) right to dress however they please. But in a real world, our women must understand that how they portray themselves will affect how they are seen, treated, and approached.
The same is true for us men as well, but we would all do well to understand that there is a double standard and that wearing whatever a woman wishes would not alter that standard.
Therefore, regardless of her intentions, regardless of right and wrong, and regardless of whether she is aware of or accepts this harsh, unforgiving truth, a woman who dresses like a “hoe” or hoochie will probably be perceived as one.

Additionally, she might draw in things or attention that she does not desire.
Other nations are aware of this. This is understood by other civilizations. Other racial groups are aware of this. And every religion in the world is aware of this. But for some reason, Americans have succumbed to the “everything goes” mentality.

The term “Teaser Hoochie Dressing Black Women” will now be defined (THDBWs).
You may claim that these are my thoughts, but whether you agree with them or not, you must admit that they are nonetheless facts.
THDBWs are women (or girls) that dress conspicuously in tight clothing to highlight certain bodily features. Many of them desire the eye contact, but they only desire particular kinds of guys to approach them.

However, if the man who approaches her piques her curiosity, she will flirt, smile, and enjoy the attention if he says the same things as the other man did.

Dressing To Impress Is Not The Same As Dressing To Tease

The Teaser Hoochie Dressing “Black” Woman does not simply dress in this manner because she enjoys looking in the mirror. She is in denial if she both admits to you that she is lying to you and if she also tells herself that.
She may not be aware of the signals she is giving by the way she dresses, but I would wager that she is quite aware of them most of the time.
She might dress that way to draw attention to herself by using “the booty,” which will make her feel better because she lacks confidence.

She may wear that clothing because she could genuinely be a “hoe,” often known as a chicken-head or a hoochie.
She might wear those clothing because her buddies do. Perhaps she doesn’t know the difference between sexy and hoochie, which is why she dresses that way.
She might dress that way since she seen her relatives doing so. She might even dress that way because she is determined to wear whatever she wants to wear, regardless of the signals that sends.
She might even dress that way because she is determined to wear whatever she wants to wear, regardless of the signals that sends. Perhaps she doesn’t value herself. She might be teasing. Or perhaps she’s a sweet girl who is sweet but illiterate.

I’ll say it again: Any woman, regardless of her ethnicity, is free to wear whatever she wants to wear, as long as it complies with the law. And I’m entitled to go alone through the worst parts of Chicago, Detroit, New York, or Atlanta at 3 in the morning while counting $100 dollars. However, if I do, we both know what will probably happen.
Was I a nuisance to anyone? No. Is anyone being injured by me? No.
But when the police arrive, they’re going to think I’m stupid and disconnected from reality.
Why? Because I ignored common sense in my surroundings and unintentionally exposed myself to the negative aspects of society.

For the ladies I discuss in this article, the same is true. Consequences of actions might be just or unfair, right or wrong.

Michael Jackson said the word “dangers.” Bell That chick is pooooiiissssssoooonnn, according to Biv Devoe. But today, so many brothers choose to reject the cautionary tales set to music in favor of being seduced by a huge butt and a grin, wallet and all. We men are constantly exposed to images of female body parts that tease and tempt us, whether it’s through magazines like Playboy and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, beauty contests, your neighborhood Hooters, Beyonce, or the anaconda-loving Nikki Mirage.

Therefore, what should a guy do when they are the spiders and our hormones cause us to fall into their webs?

If A Woman Does Not Respect Herself, She Will Not Respect Her Male Companion
Brothers, try your best to choose a woman with substance, character, and identity who respects and appreciates herself. She has so much more to give than just her physique, therefore she need not show off every curve.
While the other women frequently have an almost enticing appearance, resistance is not pointless. You might not be able to escape if you allow yourself to be teased and drawn into the web.
What I’m about to tell you requires self-control, high moral standards, moral integrity, and character.
But the more you take a stand, the more women will learn that you cannot be so easily deceived.

And at that point, everyone’s circumstances will start to alter.

Writer: Trevo Craw

Content courtesy of Thy Blackman & NFH

African Models: Nigeria Moves To Prohibit The Use Of Foreign Models In Commercials

The ban intends to promote Nigerian advertising and highlight its skills.
Nigeria prohibits voice actors and international advertisers from working on its commercials. Nigeria is the first nation to pass a law of this kind. The prohibition will go into force on October 1; however, active projects using foreign talent that were in progress before to the announcement will be permitted to continue.
The Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCOND), which first broke the news on August 23, said that the proposal was in line with government initiatives aimed at expanding the Nigerian advertising business as a whole.

Olalekan Fadolapo, the director general of ARCON, stated in a statement that the restriction is consistent with the Federal Government’s aim to foster homegrown talent and broad-based economic growth across all industries, including advertising.

With effect from October 1, 2022, all advertisements that are intended to be exposed on Nigerian advertising space must not use foreign models or voice actors, according to the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria Act No. 23 of 2022, which establishes ARCON as the Federal Government’s primary regulatory body for advertising, advertisement, and marketing communications.

The director-general further stated that only Nigerian artists and models should be used in all commercials and marketing communications materials.

He clarified that ongoing advertising and marketing initiatives may continue until the end of their allotted time before the prohibition will be put into effect.

However, the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) will not approve any further requests for revalidation for the ongoing exposure of such ads, according to Fadolapo.
ARCON advised the public, advertisers, media outlets, advertising communities, and advertising agencies to be aware of the restriction.

Steve Babaeko, president of ARCON, claimed in an interview with the UK’s The Times Newspaper that the new prohibition was a sign of burgeoning national pride.

If you looked at the advertisements from ten to twenty years ago, approximately half of the actors were foreigners, and the voiceovers were all done in British accents, according to Steve Babaeko. “I believe that the law is just now catching up to public opinion.
You could have detected a revival in Nigeria as recently as eight years ago. He added that people were typically dissatisfied in the past when Nigerians had upcoming films that were being shot abroad with foreign actresses.

Babaeko continued by claiming that the decision will increase Nigeria’s advertising influence and noting that other African nations now dominate Nigeria’s market share.
The most recent development has caused social media users in Nigeria to become further divided, with some claiming it was a positive step and others arguing it will have negative effects in the future.

Content courtesy of The Guardian Nigeria, Okay Africa & NFH 

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