Tuesday 21st of May 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

Erika A. Style

Erika Akoth is the founder and C.E.O of Erika A. Style is a fashion concept store located in leavy suburb of Karen off Bogani In Nairobi

The concept store has a variety of unique pieces collected from different parts of the world, the pieces are curated from luxury brands, fashion runways, designer stores, small boutiques and upcoming designers. Each piece is the only one of its kind, and once sold out, will not be re-stocked.

Personal stylist Erika Akoth at her Karen shop

Erika Akoth owner and founder of Erika A. Style Concept store, has worn many hats she is an avid traveler, a keen collector, a fashion curator, a stylist, and a former designer and model.
She has traveled the world, carefully collecting each piece that features at the store, from a variety of runways, designers, and craftsmen and women. Erika A. Style has a keen eye for detail and beauty, and it matters that each collected and curated piece tells a story.

The store offers a range of items from the fashion world: jewelry, clothes, shoes, hats and a variety of accessories including hats, scarfs and brooches. Erika A. Style’s signature piece is the Scarab and the store also features an eclectic range of scarab pieces including brooches, necklaces, printed scarves, rings and wrist bangles.

Erika A. Style Concept Store has been open since 2017. The store is located on Karen Road, off Bogani in Nairobi, Kenya. It operates on appointment only and clients are requested to call or email to make an appointment before visiting.

Content courtesy of Erika A. Style & Nairobi fashion hub