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African Prom Dresses

Are you looking African prom dress ideas to inspire you for the big night? Or simply looking for the best African prom dress stores online. Hurray! You’ve come to the right place!

Find the latest 2020 dashiki prom dress styles Find your perfect modern & trendy African print prom dress and gown for you.


Prom is one of the many exciting highlights of every high school girl. It’s one of those events in your life that you want to stand out beautifully & effortlessly from the crowd! Over the years, prom has and always will be a big deal for most high schoolers especially in America.

No one ever forgets what they wore on this big night. Which brings us to African prom dresses! They entirely steal the show if you ask me. They draw an accurate picture of what the black lady represents. Bold. Beautiful & Breath-taking.

Every day, we are inundated with latest African dress styles and top dashiki prom dresses. While Africa might not be the first idea that comes to mind for most people when it comes to new fashion trends, African print dresses, or dashiki dress as it’s better known proves to be a great option for a variety of occasions & moments.

Each year, African fashion designers come up with fresh, trendy & stunning African dresses that are excellent choices for all occasions ranging from prom date, weddings, ballroom and gala nights and everything in between.

African dresses are known for their vibrant mixed colors. It’s one of the qualities that makes the African print fabric a versatile and sensational option for special moments like proms and weddings.

The color and shine that accompanies African print prom dresses are irresistible. Let’s not forget that every dress needs accessories to go with it. African print dresses are the easiest to accessorize. This is because of the variety of colors you can choose from. If for example, you were going to wear a white dress, this would limit your accessory options tremendously. On the other hand, if you chose an African print prom dress with three mixed colors, then that increases your options.

African dresses can fit into any customization you find best. Furthermore, they come in multiple colors. The designs of African prom dresses also offer a more natural look. Some clothes can be used to tie your hair up into a neat look to compliment the dress. The cloth is often the same theme and color as the dress to give you that very natural look.

No matter how much we talk about African prom dress designs, it won’t help if you don’t know where to buy prom dresses for black girls. Note that some designs are often done using low-quality cloth, so be careful with where you choose to buy your prom dress.

Each dashiki dress is custom made for you. To help you find the best African prom dress, we have curated 100+ dashiki prom dresses and styles for your big night. So, don’t be afraid to step out beautifully in one of these beautiful African print prom dresses. You are sure to make lots of heads turn in amazement and receive tons of compliments.


And don’t forget, or the look to be perfect, it is usually advisable to liaise with your hair stylist, so you get the perfect hairstyle to complement the dress. African print prom dresses can be woven into a lot of shapes and sizes. So, it doesn’t matter how you look, there is a design that would look absolutely gorgeous on you.

Content courtesy of Africa Blooms & Nairobi fashion hub 

The non-traditional tuxedo – Black tie Kenya edition

As a jacket connoisseur, I have to admit, I hate suits. Love fancy jackets and tuxedos hate suits. They just don’t portray my personality, as well as I, would like, and I hate swimming in a sea of suits at any particular event. I understand that unique is a word that is thrown around too often and therefore ends up being meaningless to most, but I usually like to look unique. Well, maybe the word I’m looking for is different. I like to stand out in a subtle way, while still adhering to the rules of the required dress code.

Recently I was invited to a gala event with a black tie dress code. Now, I’m no stranger to the stringent rules of black tie. I immediately understood that I would not be allowed into the event with my customary colorful look. It was either black or bust. And I understood that most men at the event would be dressed in drab black suits, so I searched all over for interesting non-traditional tuxedos in Kenya. Tuxedos that played by the rules of black tie, but were still lustrous in their presentation. It took me a month or so to discover the looks I present before you.

I’m 38 years old and get invited to a lot of black-tie gala events. So if you are like me in terms of the age bracket as well as the strong desire not to drown at a sea of plain black suits at your next event, here are a few unique alternatives to the traditional tuxedo for the older, more accomplished Kenyan gentleman.


I loved the above piece by King Sidney but ultimately ended up not going with it. As is the norm with them, they have a lot of tiny details that are difficult to see in a picture but really stand out once you have the item in your hand. For this suit, it was the metallic thread pick stitch you see traveling around the blazer. I liked the fit as well as the complete look but ultimately, I felt the unique pick stitch was just not enough to stand out. I needed something truly special in my eyes, which is why I ended up going with the one below.


Looks simple right? It’s not. That black binding you see is leather. Actual leather, not faux leather (check out my future article on how to tell the difference). The pocket square is also leather. Oh, and it’s not a pocket square, it’s a pocket circle. And the pants also have a leather waistband. My first ever suit and I could not be more in love with it. The compliments flowed on gala night, but to be honest I was not really fishing for them. Once I laid eyes on it, that was it. As the great Tupac once said, all I need in this life of sin is me and my King’s Dinner Tux (or something to that effect). While in the middle of my search, I also came across this precious piece below.


I felt the above piece by renowned fashion designer John Kaveke was very nice. From the picture I loved the fabric and the finish and will surely go and have a look at it for the next event. I’ve always been a fan of his as the ultimate Kenyan designer doing his thing, I just wasn’t sure I’d be able to get away with wearing it at a very strict black tie event.

So there you have it, a refreshing take on dressing up for black tie events as a man in Kenya. I’m certain that I’ve left out quite a few places. Comment below and I will check them out and include them in parts two and three of this post. God bless.

Content courtesy of King Sidney, John Kaveke & Nairobi Fashion Hub

Maria Grazia Chiuri

Maria Grazia Chiuri has always had her heart set on establishing creative exchanges with African cultures. With this collection, she sought to dialogue with the real and imagined landscape of Morocco, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Europe and Africa, as a dream destination for artists, poets, writers and eternal adventurers.

Showing the 2020 Cruise collection in Marrakesh represents a way of being guided by the memory of the House and Christian Dior’s first successor, Yves Saint Laurent, a native of Oran who was fascinated by Morocco.

This show also illustrates the concept of a meeting of ideas, a “common ground” like the one feminist philosopher Naomi Zack describes, in which, despite all differences, exchanges among women can materialize through reflection and action.

This collection is a world map connecting images and ambiances that, on this side of the Mediterranean, have shaped our visual culture. Its original inspiration – and veritable emblem – is Wax print fabric.

The anthropologist Anne Grosfilley explores its complex origins and evolution. The incredible story of this fabric unfolds like a family tree, a journey that winds its way from Europe and Asia, extending into Africa.

Wax print fabric celebrates and federates diversity; it is the fabric of a cultural melting pot. Maria Grazia Chiuri collaborated with the Uniwax factory and studio (in Ivory Coast) to reinterpret Dior codes by integrating them into the weave of the fabric for a special edition.

Revisited in Wax, new toiles de Jouy come to life, recasting various landscapes or reinventing tarot motifs. The Bar suit, like all the other pieces, exalts the power of fashion as an inclusive, transnational language.

The Dior archives attest to this fascination, in Marc Bohan’s Jungle silhouette or a scarf printed with an African lion that gave life to a savannah bestiary. Landscapes that inspired authors such as Albert Camus, Paul Bowles, Alberto Moravia and Bernardo Bertolucci unfurl across warp prints, jacquards and fils coupés.

At the crossroads of culture and emotion, Maria Grazia Chiuri underscores the power of Nature, an evocation punctuated with ecru silk, silk gauze, and shantung that, in shades of sand, indigo or burned red ocher, enhance coats and suits, pleated skirts and trousers.

Through its cultural dialogues, the Cruise collection offers a condensation of diverse realities and temporalities. Fashion itself is a unique fabric inspired by countless places and times that gives rise to a new vision. Through this magical act, Maria Grazia Chiuri projects a collective memory, a common territory that is open to every kind of possibility.

Content Courtesy of Dior & Nairobi fashion hub 

Niiffe New Collection

NIIFFE Present The Elegant New Women’s  Wear Collection Dubbed “The Edge Of Desire’

NIIFFE was started in 2010 solely as a bespoke brand catering mainly for weddings and special events (majorly red carpets), we then launched in our RTW arm in 2012 with the sole goal of providing the opportunity for people to be adequately represented through their fashion sense and style. It has always been our belief that clothes should be made to fit our bodies and not the other way round and as a result, our designs are magnificent, mysterious, fresh, radiant, elegant with an intensive that you will find desirable.

The Edge Of Desire

The collection was exhibited live at the sales event on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

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