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For The Love Of Classic Cars, Vintage Motorcycles & Fashion: Concours D’elegance Kenya 2022.

The Golden Africa Concours d’Elegance in 2022 will commemorate the Alfa Romeo Owners Club’s 50th year of hosting the annual Concours (Kenya).

The most upscale event on the Kenya Motor Sports Federation calendar, it is open to all models of vehicles and motorcycles. Additionally, it is a happy family day and a social occasion. The judging of 40 motorbikes and 70 classic and vintage cars serves as the event’s focal

A children’s amusement area, live music from a band, flyovers, a parade of all the Concours automobiles and motorbikes, and a grand finale following the award ceremony are additional attractions.

Gate Tickets: KES 1,500 for adults and KES 750 for children.

The Entries

The field is limited to 70 cars and 40 motorcycles on a first come first served basis. The entries in the Concours are of a high standard. Among the past overall car winners are a 1928 Chevrolet, a 1928 Ford, a 1926 Fiat, a 1934 Alvis Firefly, a 1934 Railton, a 1951 Daimler DB 18 Barker and a 1952 MGTD.

In recent years, the overall motorcycle winners have been a 1941 Indian Scout, a 1937 Moto Guzzi, a 1930 Ivory Calthorpe, a 1925 DKW, a 1922 Douglas 4HP and a 1915 Indian Model B.

Method of Judging

Judging is based entirely on cleanliness and condition and there are bonus points for age. As the Concours is open to all makes and types of cars and motorcycles, it is not possible to assess originality and this characteristic is not taken into consideration. The detailed method of judging is contained in the Regulations.

Future and the Past
The Africa Concours d’Elegance is a yearly event that takes place on the final Sunday in September at the grounds of Nairobi Racecourse. It is now in its 50th edition in the annual series and has established itself as the most upscale competition on the Kenya Motor Sport calendar.

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club (Kenya) celebrated its first birthday in 1971, which inspired the committee to organize an event. The anniversary was a source of great pride for the club’s members.

The committee drew design cues from the late 1960s Giulia coupes and Spider sports vehicles as well as Concours d’Elegance competitions held in numerous nations worldwide.

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Rwanda: Rwandese Lady Mugabekazi Lilliane Detained For Inappropriate Attire

In Rwanda, a 24-year-old woman is currently imprisoned for wearing “indecent” clothing to a performance.
The woman wearing the See me through dress with her pants completely exposed can be seen in the viral photo that went popular on social media.
As far as one could tell from the picture after noticing her black pant, one could tell she was braless, but it was impossible to tell if she actually wore a bra.
The Rwandan government then detained this woman and accused her of wearing indescent clothing. Mugabekazi Lilliane has been denied bail and will remain in custody as requested by the prosecution in a closed-door hearing.

News of the arrest sparked outrage among some Rwandans, but government officials including former justice minister Johnston Busingye backed the move.

Mugabekazi Lilliane has been denied bail and will remain in custody as requested by the prosecution in a closed-door hearing. She was accused of “Public Indecency,” a crime that carries a maximum 2-year prison sentence under Penal Code Article 143.

A 24-year-old woman named Mugabekazi Lilliane is in court today on counts of indecent dressing.

The image was captured during a concert in Kigali. However, her attorney requested that the matter be heard behind closed doors. The administration has committed to control indescent clothing.


Prosecutors claimed that she committed a “major criminal” by attending the event in “clothing that disclose her private parts…things that we label shameful.”

“We want the court to remand Mugabekazi for 30 days based on these significant grounds.”

“She may have engaged in public obscenity,” “Faustin Nkusi, a spokesperson for the prosecution, told AFP that the court would decide on Tuesday whether to grant her bail.

Some Rwandans expressed outrage upon hearing of the arrest, but government officials, including former justice minister Johnston Busingye, supported the action.


Busingye, who is currently Rwanda’s ambassador to Britain, tweeted, “The current issue of our young men and women who drink and drug themselves unconscious, stand in public literally nude, is unpleasant.

I support the initiatives taken to address it.

Last week, police spokesman John Bosco Kabera condemned what he called “immorality and vulgarity among young people” in a television appearance.

“This problem is getting worse… you see people walking about in just shirts, no shorts, no pants,” he remarked.

Then, wearing attire that resembles nets, these folks enter public spaces.

The first right is to dress correctly, not to wear indecently, he said in response to the program host’s question on whether “such people did not have a right to dress as they pleased.”

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United States Of America Consulate Honours 20 Nigerian Fashion Designers

The United States Consul-General, Claire Pierangelo, played the perfect host when the Public Affairs Section of the Consulate General in Lagos organized a reception in honor of 20 emerging and mid-career Nigerian fashion designers who recently participated in the US State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP). Funke Olaode captures the exciting moment

The atmosphere inside the expansive compound of the United States Consul-General’s residence situated in the highbrow area of Ikoyi, Lagos on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, was colorful and relaxing. From the colorful display by the 20 emerging and mid-career fashion designers, who participated in the International Visitors Leadership Programme, organized by the Consulate, it was evident that the evening was not an ordinary one. It was one marked with outstanding creativity and awards of excellence.

After intense three-week training, the participants were hosted to a beautiful reception by Pierangelo. In attendance were leading Nigerian fashion designers, creative industry leaders, and investors. Among the dignitaries were Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy, Kathleen FitzGiboon, Nigerian pioneer in fashion designing, Shade Thomas-Fahm, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, and billionaire businesswoman, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija.

IVLP, a three-week program with participants drawn from different parts of Nigeria is a collaboration between Nigeria and the United States. This year’s IVLP project titled, ‘Promoting Economic Growth and Trade in the Fashion Industry’, was unique for the opportunity it availed the participants to connect with their US counterparts and enriched their knowledge of entrepreneurship, business development, and innovation in the US fashion industry.

Pierangelo, while thanking her guests for honoring the invitation, highlighted the US government’s commitment to promoting economic growth and trade in the fashion industry, by empowering local fashion designers to not only thrive in Nigeria’s fashion industry but also to prepare for the global fashion marketplace.

According to the diplomat, this year’s program was done virtually but the process has trained thousands of participants over the years.
“This year’s participants were awesome. I am pleased with their creativity, energy, and enthusiasm. I know that they have learned the skills that will help their business grow. I know we have amazing designers who are set to rule the fashion industry. The United States created this program to strengthen economic growth in Nigeria, being the heartbeat of Africa. And with Nigerian artistes winning Grammy Awards, it shows that indeed the country is beating the heart of Africa even in entertainment.”

Speaking further, she said the purpose of the program is to help connect all the creativity of Nigerian designers to their American counterparts, not only to expose them but to use the opportunity and what they have learned during the program to grow their business. “The feedback we got was impressive; their energy and enthusiasm was amazing and I hope they will keep the tempo going,” she added.

Praising the Consulate for giving her the opportunity of a lifetime, one of the participants, Abiola Adeola of Treasure Stitches said she got to know about the program through the First Lady of Ekiti State, Mrs. Bisi Fayemi who nominated her. “The experience was good because we were exposed to the business side of fashion on how we can showcase and market our products to the international community. How we can attract investors. I am based in Ekiti and I am able to showcase our indigenous fabrics (aso-oke) which are woven locally in Ekiti State. Before now, aso-oke was occasional wear that was restricted to either funerals or weddings. To keep it trendy and make it everyday wear, I mix it with Ankara. The three-week training was an amazing experience because it boosted my confidence and opened my eyes to the international world.”

Corroborating Adeola, Peter Emealih of Rockdart, a Youtuber who teaches people for free and equally promotes African fabrics online said through IVLP his effort has paid off. I was recommended for the program. I do everything fabrics but with a mixture of African prints. Basically, the training helped me want to serve humanity in the fashion industry more.

“My takeaway was that I was exposed to other people and what they were doing. This broadened my horizon and knowledge and having access to the American market is awesome. On the economy side, we went to AGOA where they helped us to know the value of what we are doing as our wears can be readily available for export which in turn will increase the GDP.”

Bolupe Adebiyi, Founder of Cotton Loops who has been in the business for 15 years and has visited America several times said IVLP was a life changer as it has given her access to the international market. “The training, the strategy on how to market, and leveraging on the opportunity was superb. I use locally made materials such as hemp fabrics, batik, cotton mostly organic, tie and dye, and recently recycled denim for my designs. For me, my goal is to be number one and this program has shown me that it is possible.”

Speaking on behalf of other participants, President, lVLP Alumni Association (AA) Adetoun Tade expressed her gratitude to the American Consulate for the life-changing experience. Adetoun said IVLP is an expression of diversity: climate, fashion, creativity, and so on. “For us, the expectation goes beyond three weeks of training. It means when you enjoy such benefits you must give back. Again, the expectation is to bring African fashion to the global stage in a compelling way. And we are set to rule the fashion industry globally,” she concluded.

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African Prom Dresses

Are you looking African prom dress ideas to inspire you for the big night? Or simply looking for the best African prom dress stores online. Hurray! You’ve come to the right place!

Find the latest 2020 dashiki prom dress styles Find your perfect modern & trendy African print prom dress and gown for you.


Prom is one of the many exciting highlights of every high school girl. It’s one of those events in your life that you want to stand out beautifully & effortlessly from the crowd! Over the years, prom has and always will be a big deal for most high schoolers especially in America.

No one ever forgets what they wore on this big night. Which brings us to African prom dresses! They entirely steal the show if you ask me. They draw an accurate picture of what the black lady represents. Bold. Beautiful & Breath-taking.

Every day, we are inundated with latest African dress styles and top dashiki prom dresses. While Africa might not be the first idea that comes to mind for most people when it comes to new fashion trends, African print dresses, or dashiki dress as it’s better known proves to be a great option for a variety of occasions & moments.

Each year, African fashion designers come up with fresh, trendy & stunning African dresses that are excellent choices for all occasions ranging from prom date, weddings, ballroom and gala nights and everything in between.

African dresses are known for their vibrant mixed colors. It’s one of the qualities that makes the African print fabric a versatile and sensational option for special moments like proms and weddings.

The color and shine that accompanies African print prom dresses are irresistible. Let’s not forget that every dress needs accessories to go with it. African print dresses are the easiest to accessorize. This is because of the variety of colors you can choose from. If for example, you were going to wear a white dress, this would limit your accessory options tremendously. On the other hand, if you chose an African print prom dress with three mixed colors, then that increases your options.

African dresses can fit into any customization you find best. Furthermore, they come in multiple colors. The designs of African prom dresses also offer a more natural look. Some clothes can be used to tie your hair up into a neat look to compliment the dress. The cloth is often the same theme and color as the dress to give you that very natural look.

No matter how much we talk about African prom dress designs, it won’t help if you don’t know where to buy prom dresses for black girls. Note that some designs are often done using low-quality cloth, so be careful with where you choose to buy your prom dress.

Each dashiki dress is custom made for you. To help you find the best African prom dress, we have curated 100+ dashiki prom dresses and styles for your big night. So, don’t be afraid to step out beautifully in one of these beautiful African print prom dresses. You are sure to make lots of heads turn in amazement and receive tons of compliments.


And don’t forget, or the look to be perfect, it is usually advisable to liaise with your hair stylist, so you get the perfect hairstyle to complement the dress. African print prom dresses can be woven into a lot of shapes and sizes. So, it doesn’t matter how you look, there is a design that would look absolutely gorgeous on you.

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African fashion

It goes without saying, African fashion is trendy. Celebrities such as Beyoncé and Rihanna are rocking the design, and what’s more, African designers have also won worldwide recognition. It is not a traditional style anymore, but African fashion has been elevated and incorporated into the modern fashion style

African Prints & Shades of Melanin Ruled the Ankara Delights Boutique Runway During Miami Swim Week Ankara SWIM

The African fashion styles stand out in any occasion and for this reason, the style is worn worldwide. You are an African and you should have a piece of the unique African native wear to show that you are proud of our culture.

The interesting bit about the African fashion styles is that they will always give one a presentable, classy, and expensive look. African fashion styles 2020 Over the years, the West African people have been known to embrace the African fashion style.

They have inspired the other African countries with their beautiful looks and now the tough market of the mainstream western culture wears is experiencing favorable competition. Latest African fashion styles These styles are trending and anyone who wears one of these in any occasion surely steals all the attention. Some are fabrics and in this case you can make any design out of them including dresses, shorts, pants, jumpsuits and anything that pleases you.

Latest African fashion styles of Ankara prints The African creative designers have now modernized the old Ankara print fabric designs. It is classic and blended well by mixing it with other fabrics like laces, kente, and kitenge to make it more unique and attractive.

Ankara mixed with lace Utilize the Ankara fabric and create any piece from the dresses, blazers, shoes, handbags, pants, suits, ties, and blouses as well. Keep in mind that the design will depend on the occasion. If you choose an Ankara print crop top, attend occasions like wedding ceremonies and the dinner-date.

If you want an official look, the design must look presentable. You won’t go wrong with this rich Ankara print fabric that assures you of an expensive look any day any time

African fashion with the Aso Ebi styles The African fashion Style dresses with Aso Ebi styles are amazing and unique. The West African countries especially the Nigerians, adore this fabric style because it gives them an expensive, decent, and classy African culture look.

Dashiki fashionable styles 2020 Are you in love with this dashiki fabric? The dashiki fabrics are so beautiful with their upper half body length cover.

In 2019, the African designers have fully utilized the fabric and they are creating unique pieces, such as dresses, skirts, tops, and pants.

The modern pieces for ladies will definitely give you a classy and a gorgeous look. Keep in mind that you need to create a piece that will fit in with your occasion. Classic accessories and a cool hairstyle will give you a fabulous look. Agbada African design style Who said looking unique is not the 2019 theme?

The Agbada is well-known to be a Nigerian wear. Well, the other African women and men are getting inspired with the unique, more presentable and classy fashion style.

It is not a man’s design anymore, the rich design will make any ordinary lady look expensive. Kente fashionable styles for ladies Kente styles are mostly embraced by the Ghanaians during their traditional engagements. The Kente fabric has now been utilized and people all over Africa are creating multi-occasion design styles and they look fabulous.

Kente design combinations Most African designers are blending the Kente fabric with soft polished cotton of various colors to make pieces like skirts, tops, dresses, and pants. Own a piece too for an out-standing look.

Kitenge trending style for Africans Kitenge is a unique fabric that well represents the beauty of the African queens. The African designers with an affordable price have created Kitenge beautiful styles and designs.

They look very attractive and fashionable as well. The tulip and the oleku Buba styles are the trending styles because they make a woman to be more decent, attractive, and most of all expensive.

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African Dresses

Over the years, African fashion has grown in popularity with many fantastic designers, fashion bloggers and stylist in this area. The best thing is, you can really make it unique to your sense of style. There’s an outfit for every season and occasion whether you want to go casual, add colour to your work wardrobe or to a friends up coming wedding ,you can dress your outfit up or down to create the desired result you need.

The best things about African fashion is the array of bold statement colours and prints. You can either make your whole outfit bright, bold and beautiful or just choose a statement piece to incorporate into your look to add a new element of interest to that black blouse. Whether that is through a pair of shoes, stunning necklace or a flowing skirt, the end result is as fantastic as ever.

Perhaps the best thing about the variety of colours is that you can really match it to your personality and play around with the right tones that complement you and your skin tone the best. We say, have fun with it and experiment; you’ll soon learn what works for you.

You walk into a high street shop in any fashion store in Africa and most clothes have safe prints and patterns. African fashion is a lot more interesting with many different prints to choose from and all with a different meaning. The prints are used tell stories about Africa life , proverbs and traditional tales of most Africans.

We particularly love that you can clash your prints, which ensures your outfit truly is unique. It can be tricky to pull off, a top tip is to put together the style of pattern or colours used, so that the two prints you are planning on wearing together almost match, but not quite.

“Beauty of Africa “

With African fashion in your wardrobe, there are never ending options to dress up your outfit, whatever the occasion. For example if you fancy going out in your little black dress, breathe some new life into it by adding a focal point such as a sash, scarf or printed headband.

Just believe us, there is nothing difficult about African fashion. The trick is to subtly add it into your style as little or as much as your personality and fashion statement allows.

Not just a trend; African fashion is a life style and it here to stay as they as Africa is the future.

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