Monday 24th of June 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

The Power Of Lipstick

Lipsticks come in all types of colour, shades, and sizes.

Different types of lipsticks include moisturizing lipstick, sheer lipstick, matte lipstick, cream lipstick, glossy lipstick and long-lasting lipstick.

The lipstick that your mother used to have in her huge handbag was thick & chunky. She’d whip it out and twist out a muted colour that wouldn’t scream too much. It wouldn’t take her more than a minute to paint it on & throw it back in her bag after placing the lid back on.

Ladies of the night used to apply a bright shade to attract customers & show them that they were ready to open for business. However, lipstick it’s no longer that infamous & there’s a perfect lipstick for every lady. 

The power of lipstick lies in that you don’t need the same precision as a foundation.

Wear the wrong foundation on your face & the whole world knows. Just look at the face and look at the neck. It also takes time putting it on, so you definitely need to wake up a little early than usual and reach out for those makeup brushes.

But with lipstick, you just pull it out of your bag, paint it on your lips and you’re ready for the day.

Before you dash out to the office or head out that date you’ve been excited about. Use lipliner to have a neater look, then apply lipstick on your lips & gently blot it. Nobody wants to look like they’ve been eating their lipstick.

If you want your lipstick to last longer. Exfoliate your lips first with a damp toothbrush. Moisturize your lips with lip balm that isn’t too oily. Blot your lips to remove extra moisture. Use a lip liner to define your lips. Use your favourite lipstick. Blot off excess lipstick with a cloth. Powder your lips with a loose powder similar to the foundation that you use.

Love your bright lips from morning till nighttime.

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