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Nairobi, Kenya

Launched by Holiday Inn Nairobi, “THE HANG OUT” Is A Phantastic Experience To Sip, Savor, And Swing

Nairobi, June 17, 2023: The Holiday Inn Nairobi, Two Rivers Mall, in collaboration with East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL), formally debuted its Hang Out experience at the hotel.

The gathering of important partners from East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL)’s culinary, leisure, and media industries provided them with a forum for networking, conversation, and indulging in scrumptious cuisine while taking in live entertainment.
The Holiday Inn Hang Out is expected to transform how guests socialize and improve their stay at the hotel.

“We are thrilled to partner with The-Bar by EABL to bring the Holiday Inn Hang Out to life,” stated Mr. Amit Sharma, general manager of the Holiday Inn Nairobi.
This partnership provides our visitors with a special, pleasurable experience.
Our goal is to design a lively and interesting environment that accommodates the many interests and tastes of our visitors. These hangouts are the first of many that will definitely grow in popularity among people looking for novel experiences.

The opening of the Holiday Inn Hang Out demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to improving the guest experience and offering cutting-edge services that address the changing demands and tastes of contemporary visitors. This alliance with The-Bar by EABL reinforces the hotel’s dedication to working with leaders in the field to provide top-notch services.

“Our offers on The Bar Ke have evolved to meet our consumers’ expectations,” said Samuel Ndunda, the e-commerce manager for East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL). To make it easier for customers to acquire genuine EABL products at home, we developed this platform as a digital shopfront in 2020.
Planning parties and gatherings are made simpler by the ability of customers to purchase and customize a soiree directly from ke.thebar.com.
Our customers may experience The Bar Soiree firsthand thanks to alliances like this one with Holiday Inn.

About Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn extends an invitation to you to connect with friends, family, or coworkers at the Hangout and promises a great experience with amazing deals.

The Holiday Inn, Nairobi Hotel is a four-star establishment that offers affordable rates and services that tastefully combine the traditional and the contemporary, the serene and the lively – all for the pleasure of travel.
Our arrival into Kenya’s hotel and travel market as an IHG hotel offers a variety of contemporary, adaptable, conventional, and distinctive hotel services to a sizable and varied guest group, which comprises businesses, financial institutions, governments, and individuals.

About East African Breweries Limited (EABL)
With an amazing array of brands that include beer, spirits, and adult non-alcoholic drinks (ANADs), East African Breweries Limited (EABL) is East Africa’s top branded alcohol beverage company, reiterating our position as a total adult beverage (TAB) business.

The group’s diversification is crucial in delivering the highest-quality brands to East African customers and long-term value to East African investors since it includes brewers, distilleries, support industries, and a regional distribution network.

As a company focused on serving customers, EABL takes the time to research the market, comprehend customer needs and wants, and determine the most effective ways to meet those needs and wants. To keep up with changing consumer trends, we continually reinvent and rebuild our brands. This is consistent with our goal of becoming the most renowned company in Eastern Africa.

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Hennessy Partners With Thriftsocial To Host Vans Day.

The best cognac in the world, Hennessy, and Thrift Social, a website that encourages creativity and the discovery of music and fashion, teamed up to celebrate Van’s Day in Nairobi on June 24, 2022.
The concert, which featured a mix of music, fashion, art, culture, and talent, brought together fans of music and cognac at Winning Post.

DJs from Kenya including Kaneda, Jo Kisila, Chelsea Vancarter, and Maloza, as well as South African DJ UncleWaffles, provided an electrifying performance for the audience.

Eastern Africa Market Manager for Mot Hennessy, Alexandre Helaine, made the following comment during his speech: “Hennessy is excited to collaborate with Thriftsocial to develop this special experience in Kenya. This alliance intends to develop platforms for young upcoming and established artists \sand creatives to explore their talent as they boost their creativity.”

The collaboration between Hennessy and Thriftsocial provides a space for innovation and the investigation of art, music, and fashion.

Through programs like the Thriftsocial, Mr. Helaine continued, “We will continue to assist people that believe and are enthusiastic about what they do and champion the music culture.”

Hennessy extends an invitation to Never Stop Never Settle, encouraging artists, fashion aficionados, and individuals with a pioneering attitude to showcase their skills and ideas.

About Hennessy
For over 250 years, the leader in Cognac, Maison Hennessy, has shone with its remarkable know-how over the world. The brand is present in more than 130 countries, according to creator Richard Hennessy’s spirit of conquest.
Hennessy is a mainstay of the Charente economy, with its headquarters in the heart of the province.
The House’s success and longevity are built on the quality of its cognacs, each of which is the result of a one-of-a-kind process of knowledge transmission from generation to generation.
Hennessy, the first spirits house to receive ISO 14001 certification, brings together its potential for innovation and the backing of all of its partners to maintain this unique environment.

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Hennessy Has Invited Top East African Celebrities And Business Owners. The Hennessy Vip Trip Features Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo, Tanzanian Artist Juma Jux, James “Wong,” And Ali “Kiza” Oumarou Touring Hennessy In France.

Hennessy, the world’s most popular cognac, has invited prominent celebrities and business leaders from East Africa to participate in the #HennessyVIPTrip experience.

The goal of this experience is to provide insight and immersion into the world of luxury that is Hennessy. Mot Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa Alexandre Helaine, Award-winning Artist Octopizzo, Musical artist Juma Jux, Mohamed Adnan Hamadi, Carlos Mella Bastos, Amour Mahmoud Shamte, Isack Anselm Lwoga, and Entrepreneurs James Kariuki and Ali Oumarou were among those who attended.

The VIP guests were treated to a tour of the Domaine de La Bataille, the “La Groie” distillery, the traditional cellar of La Faencerie, Le Chai du Fondateur, and La Boutique Hennessy, as well as dinner with Mr. Maurice Hennessy at Hennessy’s Chateau de Bagnolet.
“Hennessy has a genuine passion for art, and our trip aimed to merge the many arts, i.e., music, graffiti, painting, entrepreneurs, for a unique experience,” Alexandre Helaine, Moet Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa, said of the trip.

“As a brand, Hennessy believes in shaping the future. Hennessy hopes that the Never Stop Never Settle campaign will inspire future generations of creative entrepreneurs to follow their goals and define success on their own terms.” Mr. Helaine went on to say.

Hennessy presented each visitor with a bottle of Paradis engraved with their name.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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