Sunday 1st of October 2023

Nairobi, Kenya

Greatest Gospel Stars From Kenya Appear In New Reality Show Coming To Maisha Magic Plus Dubbed “Oh! Sister”

They are Kenya’s gospel megastars and are frequently in the public eye, but never in such a way.

With the new reality series Oh! Sister, Maisha Magic Plus is pleased to share with viewers an inside look at the lives of seven music stars. On Friday, April 7, 2023, at 8:00 p.m., it makes its debut.

During this year’s content showcase, MultiChoice Kenya managing director Nancy Matimu announced the show’s debut, saying: “Maisha Magic Plus offers excellent entertainment value on both the DStv and GOtv platforms. We take pride in investing in local content and presenting excellent, authentic Kenyan tales written by our people for our people as Multichoice Kenya in cooperation with M-Net.

“We’re delighted about the new reality program concept coming to the channel,” said MultiChoice Kenya’s content marketing manager. We take pride in adapting to our audiences’ demands and regularly evaluate our viewership. Oh! For a unique Friday night prime-time slot, Sister will deliver high-quality entertainment.

On Oh! Sister, these women will let viewers into their lives:

Linet Munyali alias Size 8

With nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, she’s the true definition of a celebrity. But behind the fame and the headlines lies a woman who puts family first. Her husband Samuel Muraya aka DJ Mo will also appear on the show.

Millicent Wambui alias Milly WaJesus

One of the leading names in Kenyan entertainment, she has over 1m followers on Instagram. Family is everything to the wife and mother of two. Joining her will be her husband, Peter Kabi aka Kabi WaJesus.

Bernice Nduku alias Lady Bee

Having turned her life around by overcoming addiction, the singer and songwriter is a dedicated mother and devout Christian. She has over 200k followers on Instagram.

Veronica Mushana alias Nicah The Queen

The single mother of two finds strength in her spirituality, which keeps her going despite the pressures of social media. She has almost 200k followers on Instagram.

Beatrice Wanjiku alias Betty Bayo

With over 100k Instagram followers, she has built a name for herself, having come from humble beginnings. She is a remarried mother navigating life with a blended family.

Janet Otieno

The artist and minister are one of the most influential musicians in Kenya. She has almost 100k followers on Instagram and is a well of wisdom who has been married for over 25 years.

Priscilla Ndanu Maina

Makeup artist to the stars, the beauty entrepreneur has almost 23k followers on Instagram. Ambitious and determined, she’s working on building a name for herself in the beauty industry.

Oh! Sister Season 1 debuts on Maisha Magic Plus (DStv Channel 163 and GOtv Supa Channel 8) this Friday, April 7, at 8 p.m.

Enjoy an exclusive inside glimpse into the lives of Kenya’s top gospel artists.

Content courtesy of DSTV, Maisha Magic Plus & NFH


A Slay Queens’ Guide To Getting Famous

Nairobi is hot, dusty and unforgiving especially dressed in six-inch high heels trying to get your hustle off the ground.

A slay queen can’t become famous overnight so here are a few tips on unleashing your inner slayer.

Weaves speak volumes.

Get a silky, long & voluminous hair weave that moves with your head whenever you turn your neck. It arrived in a golden box. Sitting on your head, it makes you feel like a real house-wife married to a famous artist or athlete. Easily snapping your fingers whenever someone doesn’t feel right or someone is being basic with you.


Plastic surgery is no longer a big deal.

Get a little nip & tuck done so younger girls don’t try to steal your crown and glory. If your boobs aren’t perky or your ass isn’t as round and curvy as it used to then find a good plastic surgeon immediately. Change your skin complexion from dark chocolate to a light caramel so that you’re no longer apart of #DarkSkinLivesMatter or #DarkGirlsDoItBetter Twitter conversations. 

Date Someone Famous

Date someone famous and ironically become famous because you’re absorbing all their popularity and using it to your advantage. Just look at your Instagram feed and the ladies trending. Who was spotted where? With whom? & What they wear wearing? Watch yourself glow up because your new bae is your ticket to the finer things in life.

Famous Baby Mama

Become a famous baby mama. I can’t imagine a better dual purpose role. Firstly, you become famous because everyone is curious about you and how you managed to outfox that guy. Secondly, child support can be a second career if he’s out there living large & earning well. Just read up on children’s court & know how to make that man sing for his supper.

Get ‘nice’ pictures taken

Get ‘nice’ pictures taken that’ll help propel your career as a slay queen. ‘Nice’ pictures that can be shared, ogled at, strike controversy and land modelling gigs.

Reality show

Reality show. Imagine a camera following you around all day. Make it juicy & get yourself promoted to the main face of the show. Double that paycheck and use that show to promote your other ventures. You need to be able to slay in your sleep and put money in the bank.

Follow Your Talent

Try singing or acting or modelling. Chase after a career that puts you in the limelight and forces people to reckon with you. If you have a voice then put out a demo cover online & share it widely. If you can act then figure out a way to end up on television alternatively YouTube vloggers can start you off.

Is Being Infamous Such A Bad Thing?

Become infamous. Any publicity is better than no publicity.

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